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Page 65

bedlam/a noisy uproar
beget/to produce
begrudge/to resent another’s success
beguile/to deceive
behemoth/huge animal
beleaguer/to annoy
belittle/to put down; disparage
benefactor/one who helps another; a donor
beneficiary/one who receives benefits
benevolent/generous; kindly
benignant/kindly; gentle
bequeath/to hand down
berate/to scold severely
bereave/to leave in a sad state
berserk/violently destructive
beseech/to appeal to
beset/to attack
besiege/to close in on
besmirch/to make dirty
bestow/to give or present
bevy/a large group
bias/preference; prejudice for; not neutral
bibliophile/lover of books
bibulous/very absorbent
bicker/to quarrel
bide/to wait
biennial/occurring every two years
bigot/prejudiced person
bilk/to swindle
binge/a spree
bivouac/temporary shelter
blanch/to make pale; to avoid or pull back from
blasé/unexcited; indifferent
blasphemy/disrespect for holy things; irreverence
blatant/conspicuous; offensively noisy and loud
blazon/to display; to proclaim
bleak/unsheltered; gloomy
bleary/blurred; dimmed
blight/destruction or withering disease
bliss/extreme happiness
bludgeon/a heavy club
blunt/abrupt in speech or manner; having a dull edge
blurt/(out) to utter suddenly or indiscreetly
bluster/to speak noisily; to boast
bode/to indicate in advance, as an omen does
bogus/false; fake
bolster/to prop up/ to support
bolt/to dash out suddenly; to discontinue support of
bombastic/using impressive but meaningless language
bona fide/genuine
boon/a benefit
booty/stolen money or goods
botch/to mess up
bounty/a reward/goodness
bourgeoisie/middle class
bovine/pertaining to oxen or cattle
braggart/one who brags
brandish/to shake or wave a weapon aggressively
brash/rude; aggressive
bravado/false bravery
brawn/muscular strength
breach/a violation or a gap
brevity/briefness; concise
brine/salt water
brisk/lively; quick
broach/to introduce or bring up
browbeat/to intimidate
brunt/the main force or impact, as of a blow
brusque/abrupt in manner, blunt; rough
bucolic/pertaining to the countryside; rural
buffoon/a fool
bulbous/swollen; bulb shaped
bulwark/a strong defense
bungle/to do things clumsily
buoyant/to float; lively
bureaucracy/system of government through departments
Created by: CCHS-FS