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Page 64

badger to annoy
baffle to confuse
baleful harmful
balk to stop short; to refuse to act
balm something that calms or soothes
banal ordinary, trivial; common; dull
bandy to converse
bane cause of harm or distress
banter teasing
bard a poet
baroque over decorated; very ornate
barrage heavy attack
barrister lawyer (British)
bask to lie in the sun
bastion a strong defense; a fort
bauble trinket
bawdy humorously obscene
bayou marshy body of water
ascribe to attribute
aseptic without bacteria
asinine stupid or silly
askance to look at suspiciously
askew crooked; out of position
aspersion a damaging remark
aspire to have an ambition
assail to attack
assay to test
assent to agree
assess to estimate the value of; measure
assertive confident
assiduous diligence; care
assimilate to absorb
assuage to calm; to soothe
astray in the wrong direction
astringent substance that contracts blood vessels
astute very smart; clever
asunder into separate parts
asylum a refuge
atone to make up for
atrocious cruel; awful
atrophy to become useless; waste away
attenuated weakened
attest to confirm
attribute to assign to; a characteristic
attrition a wearing down
atypical not usual
audacity boldness
audible capable of being heard
audit to examine accounts or records
augment to increase or enlarge
augur to predict
august majestic; worthy of respect
aura a glow
aural pertaining to the sense of hearing
auroral rosy; like the dawn
auspicious favorable; fortunate
austere severe; self-disciplined
authenticate to confirm
authoritarian bossy, like a dictator
authoritative trustworthy; having power
autocratic unlimited authority
autonomy self-rule
avarice greed; money hungry
avenge to get revenge
aversion intense dislike
avert to prevent; to turn away
avid enthusiastic
avocation a hobby
avow to declare openly
awry in the wrong direction
Created by: CCHS-FS