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Page 63

aggregate to collect or gather together
aghast shocked
agitate to stir up
agnostic one who doubts the existence of God
agrarian pertaining to farmers and agriculture
alacrity willingness
alias an assumed name
allay to calm
allege to charge without proof
alleviate to lessen, lighten, or relieve
allocate to assign for a specific purpose
allude to hint at
aloft high in the air
aloof cool; indifferent
altercation an argument
altruism concern for others
amalgamate to combine or unite
amass to accumulate
amazon strong, masculine woman
ambient surrounding
ambiguous unclear, vague
ambivalence conflicting feelings toward something
ambulatory able to walk
ameliorate to improve; make better
amenable agreeable
amend to change
amenity courtesy or agreeableness
amiable friendly
amicable agreeable
amiss wrong; improper
amity friendship
amnesty official pardon for an offense
amoral no sense of right and wrong
amorous loving
amorphous shapeless
amphibious able to live on both land and water
ample abundant
amplify to make greater
amulet a charm worn to keep evil away
anachronism something out of place or time
analgesic drug that reduces pain
anarchy absence of government or order
anathema a curse; a person strongly disliked
ancillary subordinate
anecdote a short, entertaining story
anent concerning
animosity hostility
annals historical records
annihilate to totally destroy
annuity income paid at stated intervals
annul to cancel
anomalous abnormal; irregular
anoxia lack of oxygen
antagonistic hostile
antecedent that which goes before something else in time
anthology collection of literary works
anthropoid resembling man
antic playful or silly act
anticipate to prepare for in advance
anticlimax something unimportant coming after something special
antidote a remedy
antipathy strongly dislike
antiquated extremely old
antithesis an exact opposite
apathy indifference; lack of interest or emotion
aperture an opening
apex the highest point
aphasia loss of the ability to speak
aphorism brief saying; a short proverb
aplomb self-confidence
apocryphal mythical; doubtful in origin
apoplexy sudden loss of consciousness; paralysis
apostate one who gives up his beliefs
appall to frighten; dismay
apparition a ghost
appease to satisfy
appellation a name
append to add to
apprehend to catch; to understand
apprehensive fearful; anxious
apprise to inform
approbation approval
appropriate to take possession of; satisfactory
apropos appropriate; fitting
arbiter a judge; referee
arbitrary unbiased or at random
arbor a shaded area
arcane mysterious or secret
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