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Imaging Ch.6

Scatter Control

How is scatter radiation most easily controlled? Collimation and grids
What is not a way to reduce the production of scatter radiation? Increasing grid ratio
What influences the amount of scatter radiation striking the IR but not the production of scatter radiation? Increasing the grid ratio
What is the best beam limiting decivce for limiting unsharpness surrounding the radiographic image? Variable aperture collimator
What purpose does positive beam limitation serve? To reduce pt exposure to limiting the exposure field to the same size as the image recepor in the bucky tray
What occurs when scatter radiation strikes the film? Radiographic contrast decreases
The height of the lead strips relative to the distance b/t the lead strips is the measure of the Grid ratio
T/F A grid decreases scatter production F
T/F A high ratio grid removes little scatter F
If the height of the lead strip DECREASES and the spcae between the grid strips INCREASES the grid will be MORE effective at removing scatter radiation T/F F
T/F If the height of the lead strips INCREASES and the space between the grid strips DECREASES the grid will be MORE effective at scatter removal T
The # of lead strips per inch in a grid is a meause of the grid frequency
What would be the most difficult grid to use Cross hatched grid
A radiograph that has a goffed appearance has most likley been exposed to what? Scatter radiation
Which beam restriction device can be cut to the size needed? An aperture diaphragm
What is the result of imaging a thicker part or patient? More compton interactions
As grid ratio ____ the removal of scatter ____ Increases, increases
The amount of MAS required with a grid divided by the amount of mas needed w/o a grid is the calucation that determines the Grid conversion factor and bucky factor
Which grid design is manufactured to match the divergence of the xray beam? The focused grid
What occurs when the xray beam is not properly aligned with the grid strips? grid cut off
In genergal, when should a grid be used When part thickness exceeds 10cm
When a grid is needed but not available what may be used for certain exams? Air grap technique
What type of grid error is seen as acceptable density in the middle of the film and with decreasing density bilaterally as you move away from the center? upside down focused grid
What type of grid error is seen as a loss of density at the periphery of the image? off focus
why does the air gap technique work? the scatter photons are more likley to miss the IR
The results of the collimator alignment QC test should demonstrate that the alignment is withing 5% of the SID used T/F False
Also called lateral decentering the ___ grid error results when the CR is not aligned to the middle of a focused grid off center
Changing from an 8:1 grid to a 12:1 grid along with making the appropriate adjustments, will result in: Decreased Pt dose and an image with a shorter scale of contrast
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