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the change in an object's location over a certain amount of time motion
the motion of an object along a straight line linear motion
What are two types of linear motion? horizontal and vertical motion
the distance that an object travels over a certain amount of time velocity
a scientist who studies motion physicist
the motion of an object around a central point angular motion
the motion of an object in a complete circle rotational motion
the back and forth motion of an object from a central point periodic motion
the push or pull of one object on another force
the force that resists the motion of one object against another friction
the force pulling together all objects in the universe gravity
the amount of work done over a certain amount of time power
using a force on an object to make it move work
a tool that requires only one force to be used simple machine
a combination of two or more simple machines compound machine
Motion that is forward, backward, left, or right. horizontal motion
Motion that is up and down. vertical motion
Velocity is also called _______. speed
Name 4 famous physicists. Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein
When an object returns to the place where it started, it has completed one _______. rotation
An example of rotation is a ______ ______. ferris wheel
An example of periodic motion is a _______ opening and closing. door
Forces can exist between two objects that are not in ________. These forces _____ and ______ objects from a distance. contact - push - pull
Who was one of the greatest physicists that ever lived? Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton is famous for his study of ______. motion
Newton is famous for his discovery of _______ that describe how objects ______. laws - move
Newton believed science and mathematics supported the ________. Bible
Newton's first law says: Every object at ______ stays at rest and every object in ________motion remains in motion unless they are acted upon by outside ________. rest - motion - forces
How many types of simple machines are there? six
What is a rigid bar that rotates about a fixed point? lever
A ______ and _____ turns the rotation of the wheel into a force on an axle. wheel and axle
What is a wheel with a rope that passes over it to lift objects? pully
What is an inclined plane wrapped around a wheel and axle? screw
What is made from back to back inclined planes? wedge
What is a slanted surface? inclined plane
What is an example of a wheel and axle? bicycle
What is an example of a pulley? well
What is an example of a screw? water bottle
Created by: jennparker