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hum div final

which of the following statements is true about arabs and muslims d) all of these
the single most unifying force among arabs is a) the arabic language
the arab american community __ in size in the 1990s b) doubled
sociologists use which of the following when trying to understand how ethnicity is viewed and evaluated in terms of an ideal ethnic type b) deficit model of ethnic identity
the large majority of muslims in america are d) sunnis
islams authority rests with a) the scripture and teachings of the prophet
muslim americans reflect a blended identity which includes d) all of these
scholars have observed that mosques are taking on the characteristics of a __ c) congregation
about __ of all african americans are muslim a) 5 %
malcom x's philosophy can be summarized by which of the following? d) all of these
louis farrakhan's teachings condemn which of the following? b) abortion
a unique development in the history of arab's immigration has been the growth and continuing vibrancy of an arab community in d) dearborn, mi
arab americans have tended to do which of the following b) operate stores in low income areas
the garments that allow women to follow the guidelines of modest dress are called a) hijab
which of the following statements is true about gender, marriage, and islam? b) traditionally islam permitted men to have multiple wives only if they could economically and emotionally support their wives
women are rarely allowed to enter most mosques b) in pakistan and bangladesh
in the US it is not unusual for muslim women to b) be members of the boards mosques
the most visible arab american in US politics has been c) raplh nader
any arbitrary police initiated action based on race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than a person's behavior is called a) racial profiling
a range of negative feelings towards muslims and their religion that ranges from gneralized intolerance to hatred is c) islamophobia
surveys conducted since 2001 show _ believe a number of anti muslim stereotypes such as the idea that islam teaches violence and hatred a) one fourth
surveys conducted in the months after 9/11 found a growing willingness on the part of the american public to b) require that muslim and arab americans carry a special identification card
after 9/11 which of the following increased significantly? d) all of these
a national survey released in 2004 revealed that __ of americans believe a number of anti muslim stereotypes b) one fourth
a national survey released in 2004 reported that negative images of muslim americans are ___ more prevalent than positive images d) sixteen times
which of the following organizations have formed to represent arab american interests and to promote understanding d) all of these
a number of muslim and arab nonprofit organizations have formed to accomplish which of the following d) all of these
orientalism refers to c) a simplistic view of the people and history of the Orient without recognition of cultural diversity and change
a simplistic view of the people and history of the Orient without recognition of cultural diversity and change over time is called b) orientalism
according to the official census count, the arab american community is equivalent in size to a) greek americans
the model or ideal minority image is frequently applied to a) asian americans
when a group experiences prejudice and discrimination yet seems to have succeeded economically, socially, and educationally, without resorting to political or violent confrontations with whites, they are said to be a a) model minority
asian americans include all of the following groups except c) puerto ricans
of the following, which asian american group has the highest levels of educational achievment a) asian indians
in 2002 __ of 11,500 people who serve on the boards of the nations 1,000 largest corporations were asian americans a) 2 percent
portraying the problwms of racial and ethnic minorities as their fault rather than recognizing society's responsibilities is referred to as b) blaming the victim
the model minority stereotype of asian americans contains an implicit critique of blacks, hispanics, and others for failing to succeed as wellas the model minority has. this could be viewed as yet another instance of b) blaming the victim
in 2008 8 pacific islanders numbered around c)13.8 million
the second largest group of asian americans is c) asian indians
in NYC's chinatown neighborhood, about __ of all families live below the poverty level c) one fourth
the tern yellow peril captured which of the following characterization of asian people d) all of these
a generalized prejudiced toward asians people is captured in the term a) yellow peril
the media fuel prejudice against asian americans with d) all of these
mistaken identity by the media occurs when c) american citizens of asian descent are presented as if they are foreigners
chinese americans have not yet been active in politics because a) the careers the best students pursue tend to be in business and science
the first filipino immigrants were mostly b) agriculture workers
given their relatively long tradition of immigartion, it is surprising that filipino americans have no significant c) social organization representing the general filipino population
the lack of significant filipino social organization is due to b) time consuming obligations to the family and church
among filipino americans __ of the popuulation speak english only c) 47 percent
through most of the 1980s asian inidan immigrants a) tended to be urban, educated, and english speaking
asian indians see __ work as most likely to help them make the transition to the US and to give them money they need to become more self reliant b) service
Desi is a colloquial name for people who trace their ancestry to d) india
the gook syndrome refers to negative attitudes held by amercans about b) asians
the term boat people was used to describe a stage of immigration from c) vietnam
one problem faced by vietnamese refugees to the US was c) downward social mobility
viet kieu are b) people from vietname living abroad
the case study of a hmong community takes place in b) wisconsin
the hmong immigrated to the US from b) Laos and vietnam
the primary conflict in Wausau between the hmong and whites have been b) in the schools
a small initla wave of immigartion came from korea to the US via hawaii during the a) early 1900s
in1182 congress enacted legislation prohibiting the immigartion of c) chinese
foolowing the passage of the chinese exclusion act chinese became eligible to immigrate again in c) 1943
diversity within the chinese american group is found in d) all of these
one paradox of chinatowns is that c) their image of bright lights and exotic sounds conceal widepsread poverty
which of the following is part of the chinese six companies or the CCBA a) hui kuan
organized along family or kinship ties in chinatowns is the b) tsu
organized around a persons district of orgin in china are b) hui kuans
the hui kuans help members adjust to life in new society by d) all of these
the secret societies in the chinese community is called the c) tongs
tong membership is based on a) interest
both__ and cinese americans depend on the toursit industry at the cost of hiding communiyt problems like poverty a) native
women in chinatown b) often work in garment industry sweatshops
the movement of chinese americans out of chinatown does which of the following d)all of theses
chinatowns today d) all of these
acculturation of chinese americans in family life is evidenced by a) absolute parental authority
american jews comprise what proportion of the worldwide jewish population c) 40 percent
jews account for what percetn of the population in the US a) 2 percent
after a series of attacks on jewish homes, the chritian community in billings, monatana did which of the following? b) placed menorahs in their windows as a symbol of support
anti semitism is prejudice and discrimination toward a) jews
non jews are called b) gentiles
jewish americans are concentrated in the metropolitan area of d) all of these
whic hof the following comes closest toa distinguishing characteristic of jewish identity b) religious practices
the term judaization refers to the trend in recent yeas of the a) declining importance of the judaic religion and cultural traits
the first jews to arrive in the us the sephardic jews came from c) soain and portugal
what proportion of jewish immigrants to the US returned to europe a) 5 percent
one difference between jewish and non jewish european immigrants to the us was a) jews were much more likely to stay in the US
the effect of the immigration acts of the 1920s on the immigration of jews was to b) decrease the number entering the country
beginning in 1933, the jews arriving in the US were not merely immigrants they were also b) refugees
despite stereotypes about jews and the economy which of the followng is true d) all of these
fringe of values theory has been used to explain the stereotypes created throughout history toward jews and b) the economy
fringe of values theory points out which of the following about the historical economic position of jews d) all of these
"for christians to take their faith seriously is commendable for jews to withstand secularization is a sign of backwardness" d) in group virtues are out group vices
the holocaust refers to a) state policy of persecution and annihilation of european jews
between 1933 and 1945 the percentage of polsih, geramn, and austrian jews murdered was d) 90 percent
those who claim that the holocaust did not happen are called b) holocaust revisionists
gunnar myrdal in an American Dilemma (1944) observed that an experienced parallel to that of ___ was found among __ a) black americans; women
the ideaology that one sex is superior to the other is called a) sexism
the idea that men and women can both be aggressive and expressive describes b) androgyny
whivh term refers to behaviors, attitudes, and activities prescribed for males and females c) gender roles
both african americans and women have been stereotyped as d) all of these
according to the rsearch of sociologist patricia adler, boys achieve high status on the basis of their a) athletic ability
the view that sex differentiation has contributed to overall social stability is maintained by a) functionalists
according to some theorists men may have become powerful in preindustrial society as a result of their d) all of these
sociologists point out that gender differences are maintained through a) a systematic socialization
the feminist movement in the US c) formally began in at the first women's rights convention in 1848
conflicts between ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic groups within nations are referred to as __ conflicts b) ethnonational
the sociological perspective on relations between dominant and subordinate groups treats race and ethnicity as a) social categories
mestizos are becoming increasingly idenitified with mexicos b) middle class
mestizos have developed their own distinct c) culture
mexican indian culture has been stereotyped as d) all of these
the color gradient is a) a continuum from light to dark skincolor
with regard to the color gradient, mestizos c) occupy the middle status
mexican indians are A__ more likely to be illiterate than mexican adults in general b) four times
the revolt for equality and justice in mexico in 1994 was led by d) the zapasita national liberation army
the criollos are d) all of these
according to the text the analogy that best descirbed US society today is d) kaliediscope
the elderly share the characteristics of minority groups inwhich of the following ways? c) unequal treatment in employment
one crucial difference between the elderly and the other subordinate or minority groups is that d) all who live long enough will have the ascribed status of being an older person
the dramatic increase in the number od people aged 65 and older is a consequence of which of the following a) declining mortality rates
compared with the rest of the population, the elderly are more likely to be a) white
compared to the rest of the population the elderly are more likely to be b) female
agesim is the phrase coined by robert butler to refer to a) prejudice and discrimination against the elderly
the federal age discrimination in employment act (ADEA) went into effect in a) 1968
the perception of elderly and __ is practically synonymous has changed in recent years b) poor
older workers are an asset to employers in which of the following ways b) lower rates of absenteesim
the age discrimination in employment act was passed to protect d) workers 40 yrs of age or older from being fired
the supreme court ruled in 2008 that employers have the burden to prove laying off older workers is not based on age but a) some reasonable factor
which of the following is true about worker protections based on age d) all of these
AARP stands for a) smerican association of retired persons
the national committee to preserve social security and medicare founded in 1982 unsucessfully lobbied congress to c) keep medicare benefits for ailing poor elderly
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