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AR Acct II - Unit 4

Arkansas Accounting II - Unit 4 vocabulary

additional paid-in-capital capital received from investors in exchange for stock
amortization to write off a portion of a bond discount or premium over the life of the bond issue
articles of incorporation an application to organize a business as a corporation made to appropriate state officials
board of directors a group of individuals, elected by stockholders, who govern and are responsible for the affairs of the corporation
bond a long-term liability in which the corporation promises to repay a certain amount at a specified date and to pay interest at set time
bond issue the total amount of bonds issued at the same time
bond sinking fund a special fund used to pay off a bond issue when it comes due
charter the approved articles of incorporation
common stock a title given to stock when only one class is issued by the corporation
corporation an artificial legal entity that has rights and responsibilities of its own
date of declaration date on which a board of directors authorizes a dividend
date of payment date on which a dividend is actually paid
date of record one to two weeks date of declaration; stockholders owning stock on this date will receive a declared dividend
declaring a dividend action by a board of directors to distribute corporation earnings to stockholders
discount on capital stock the amount by which the face value of a bond exceeds the issue price of the bond
earnings per share a measure of the amount of profit that could be assigned to each share of common stock; calculated by dividing net income by the number of outstanding shares of common stock
equity per share the amount that would be paid on each share of stock if the corporation liquidated and the assets were sold for their book value; calculated by dividing the total stockholders' equity by the number of shares of common stock outstanding
intangible assets long-lived assets that have no physical substance
market value the current price that is being charged for an item in the marketplace
no-par-value stock stock that does not have a value printed on the stock certificate
organization costs cost directly related to establishing a corporation
purchases available for sale the total amount of beginning inventory in addition to purchases added during a period of time
par value a value assigned to a share of stock and printed on the stock certificate
par-value stock stock that has a specific value printed on the stock certificate
preferred stock stock that has preferences over common stock, usually in relation to dividends
price-earnings ratio a measure used to determine whether the market price of a corporation's stock is reasonable; calculated by dividing the market price per share by the earnings per share
rate earned on average stockholders' equity the relationship between net income and average stockholders' equity
rate earned on average total assets the relationship between net income and average total assets
retained earnings the accumulated profits of a company
retiring a bond issue paying the amounts owed to bondholders of a bond issue
serial bonds a bond issue that has a series of maturity dates
stated-value stock the value assigned to a share of no-par stock by the board of directors
statement of cash flow a financial statement that shows a company's incoming and outgoing money during a time period (often monthly or quarterly)
stock certificate a document showing how many shares of corporation stock are owned
subscribing for captial stock the process of selling stock to investors on an installment basis
term bonds a bond issue in which all bonds have the same term or maturity date
treasury stock stock that has been issued by a corporation and then reacquired and held
trustee a bank appointed to ensure that a corporation fulfills all its responsibilites to bondholders
Created by: patflanigan
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