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CHE 264 Air Chem Qz1

Important information about atmospheric gases

CompoundConcentrationSourceAtmospheric LifetimeAtmospheric LocationSinksConcern
Isoprene 0.1-2 ppbv Forests, Vehicle emissions 2 hours Troposphere Oxidation Greenhouse gas, Increases tropospheric O3
PAN Urban: 50-250 ppbv Rural: <5 ppbv CxHy+NOx 3-10 days Troposphere and Stratosphere Thermal decomposition Toxic, reservoir for NOx
Benzene 370 µg/m3 Vehicle emissions, industrry 12 days Troposphere Oxidation by OH Carcinogen
NOx Urban: 100-400 ppbv Rural: <5 ppbv Combustion, Supersonic aircraft, Lightning, Biomass burning, Soils 1 day Troposphere and Stratosphere Formation of N2O5/HNO3 reservoirs Urban pollution, Ozone depletion, Acid deposition
ClONO2 0.1-1.6 ppbv ClO+NO2+M -> ClONO2+M 4 days Troposphere and Stratosphere Decomposition on PSCs Reservoir for Cland NOx
CH4 1.7 ppmv Vehicle emissions, Biomass burning, Animals, Landfills, Gas (hydrofracking), Termites, Wetlands 12 years Troposphere and Stratosphere Dissociation by Cl radical Greenhouse gas
SO2 10 ppt-1 ppb Volcanic emissions, Photochemical, Anthropogenic 1 day Troposphere Deposition, Oxidation by OH Smog, Acid deposition, Impairs visibility
CFC-12 500 pptv Industry 100 years Troposphere and Stratosphere Photodissociation in Stratosphere Greenhouse gas, Stratospheric ozone depletion
H2S 0.05-0.3 ppbv Swamps, photochemical 1-2 days Troposphere Oxidation by OH Acid deposition
N2O 319 ppbv Agriculture emissions, Dentrification 120 years Troposphere and Stratosphere Photodissociation Greenhouse Gas, Ozone depletion
O3 Trop: 10-500 ppbv Strat: 0.5-10 ppmv Urban: 50-150 ppbv Rural: <5 ppbv Photochemical Hours-days Troposphere and Stratosphere Photodissociation, Reaction with HOx, NOx, ClOx Urban Pollution, acid deposition, greenhouse gas, toxic to humans and vegetation
CO2 360 ppmv Combustion, Ocean 100 years Troposphere and Stratosphere Photosynthesis Greenhouse gas
CO Urban: 10,000-30,000 ppbv Rural: <200 ppbv Combustion/Industry, Oxidation, Biomass burning, Oceans, Vegetation 1 year Troposphere and Stratosphere Oxidation by OH, Soil Uptake Toxic, Urban Pollution
Created by: 1135320260