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ch.23 gov

The Texas governorship is a weak office in terms of formal and constitutional power. a. yes
When the governor is playing the roles of chief legislator and ceremonial leader, he/she is exercising ________ power. d. informal
In order for the governor to be effective in office, he/she must c. rely on the informal power of persuasion.
In order to be elected governor, you must be at least ________ years of age. d. 30
Which of the following is the profile of most Texas governors? a. white male who has held previous office
The pay of the Texas governor is ________ most other governors in America. b. higher than
In Texas, the governor and lieutenant governor d. are elected separately.
Which of the following offices is next in line of succession behind the governor? c. lieutenant governor
Which of the following accurately describes the technical aspect of the impeachment process? a. It is a judicial process.
Which of the following describes the impeachment process? a. The House files impeachment charges, and the Senate conducts the trial
The Texas governor has term limits b. no
The governor of Texas can serve d. an unlimited number of four-year terms.
The majority of governors in other states can serve b. two four-year terms.
What is the impact of the Texas governor not having term limits? c. It can increase his/her power and influence.
Which state does NOT have a procedure for removing governors by the process of impeachment? b. Oregon
A plural executive structure c. gives the governor less control over state agencies.
All of the following make it difficult for the governor to control the state bureaucracy EXCEPT d. the governor’s term limits.
The governor needs the approval of the Texas Senate to fire a board or commission member. a. yes
What is the impact of senatorial courtesy on the power of the governor? c. It gives the governor less control over the state bureaucracy.
When the governor makes appointments to any board or commission, ________ must approve. d. None of these answers is correct.
Who is responsible for submitting the formal budget proposal to the state legislature? c. the Legislative Budget Board
How does the Texas governor’s budgetary power compare to that of most other state governors? d. Most governors submit a budget to their respective legislatures.
Which of the following is true about the governor’s line-item veto power? c. A line-item veto is rarely overridden.
The only area where the Texas governor has direct influence on budget decisions is the line-item veto. a. yes
The governor of Texas has neither ________ veto nor ________ veto powers. b. partial; pocket
When the Texas legislature is in session, the governor has ________ days to sign or veto a bill a. 10
When the Texas legislature is out of session, the governor has ________ days to sign or veto a bill. b. 20
If the legislature is out of session, what happens to a bill if the governor neither signs nor vetoes the bill after 20 days? c. The bill becomes law.
The governor of Texas has pocket-veto power. b. no
Which of the following is true about the governor’s pardon power? d. The governor can only issue pardons after a recommendation by the state Pardons and Paroles Board.
The governor can grant one ________ stay of execution to a death row inmate c. 30-day
Recent governors have b. exerted less control over their state parties.
The governor of Texas operates under a ________ executive structure a. plural
The Texas attorney general deals c. mostly with civil matters.
Who is the chief tax collector in the state of Texas? d. comptroller of public accounts
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the Texas comptroller of public accounts? a. developing budgets
Which of the following officials is responsible for the oversight of state-owned lands and veterans programs? a. commissioner of the General Land Office
Which of the following is responsible for the regulation of the state’s oil and natural gas industry? b. state treasurer
Which of the following officials is the state’s chief legal counsel? c. attorney general
Which of the following is NOT an elected official? b. commissioner for Health and Human Services
Of the three basic kinds of state agencies in Texas, which is the most numerous? d. those headed by multimember-appointed boards and commissions
The sunset review process has a. eliminated a few government agencies.
Looking at all the states, what is the most common term limit for governors? b. two four-year terms
The Texas governor makes roughly ________ appointments to various boards and commissions. c. 2,800
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