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WWW 26 100 cards

www list 27

luminary enlightening person
animadversion criticism
filigree lacy design
convivial jovial, festive
sonorous full-sounding
hyperbole overstatement
bonhomie good-naturedness
mutable changeable
impute attribute discredit
paradigm model
exorbitant outrageous
bon viviant indulger in luxury
eulogy words of praise
saturnine gloomy and remote
status quo the present state
bona fide in good faith
subterfuge evasive dodge
chronic lasting
cognomen nickname
germane related
expatriate banish
sedentary sitting
euphoria joy
pusillanimous small-minded
anarchist one opposed to government
lum light
anim mind
fil thread
viv life
son sound
hyper over
bon good
muta change
put think
para beside
ex out
eu good
log word
ine nature of
sta stop
sub under
fug flee
chron time
cogn know
nom name
germ related
patri father
sed sit
phor carry
an not
vociferous loudly-voiced
emollient softener
plutocracy government of the wealthy
delineate to outline
retrograde backward
magnate powerful person
circumvent get around
surfeit excess
temporize delay
diffident shy
eccentricity oddness
epigram witty comment
anomaly abnormality
tangible touchable
egocentric self-centered
pedagogue teacher
intercede mediate
abjure renounce
intractable stubborn
ingenuous innocent and naive
magnanimous great-minded
malevolence bad will
commensurate of like measure
captious fault finding
prototype model
fer carry
moll soft
cracy government
de down
grade step
magn great
circum around
sur over
tempor time
fid faith
centri center
epi on
a not
tang touch
ego I
agog leader
inter between
cede go
ab away
jur swear
tract pull
gen origin
mens measure
capt take
proto first
Created by: cindijoanwallace