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Vocab Final Yellow

Wince To move back suddenly as though in pain or fear
Abrupt Sudden or unexpected
Incredulous Not willing to believe something
Perceive To become aware of through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing
Firebrand A troublemaker; someone who encourages others to rebel
Subtle Difficult to perceive, barely observable; delicate
Sullen Silent or gloomy because of anger or resentment
Wary Cautious and watchful; careful of danger
Fruitless Useless; unsuccessful
Canine Of, or relating to, dogs
Pending Unfinished; remaining to be decided
Prior Earlier, former
Acrid Sharp, irritating, or bitter to the sense of taste or smell
Illiterate Unable to read or write
Vicious Evil, spiteful; painfully severe or extreme
Flaw A slight fault; a defect
Admonish 1. To warn against something 2. To scold someone
Lethal Causing death or made to cause death
Legitimate 1. Lawful; according to laws or rules 2. Genuine or justifiable
Authentic Genuine; real; true
Debut A first appearance
Prowess Great skill or ability
Fathom To figure out; to understand; to get to the bottom of
Hospitable Being nice and generous to strangers or guests
Negligent Being careless; not paying attention to the things you have to do
Reprimand To scold in a very strong or serious way
Implore To beg for something, or to ask very seriously
Browse 1. To look through or glance at casually 2. To eat (wild vegetation), to graze
Pluck To pull off or out; to pick
Ponder To think about; to consider carefully
Presume To take for granted; to assume or suppose
Customary Usual, normal, routine
Ensue To follow; to come as a result of
Impede To get in the way of; to interfere with the movement of
Epidemic A rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something, especially a disease
Persist To continue steadily in an action, to refuse to stop or be changed; to last, remain
Apathy A lack of interest or concern
Simultaneously Existing, occurring, or operating at the same time
Void Empty or unfilled space
Insinuate to suggest or hint slyly
Substantial Large, important; major
Erode to wear away gradually; to eat away
Overwhelm 1. To overcome completely in mind or feeling 2. To defeat completely
Shirk To avoid or get out of doing work
Nimble Able to move easily and quickly
Catastrophe A large-scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
Unscathed Totally unharmed
Concur To agree
Gruesome Causing horror; ghastly, revolting
Vengeance Punishment in return for an injury or a wrong; unusual force or violence
Mortify to hurt someone’s feelings deeply; to cause embarrassment or humiliation
Created by: jenwalls