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Physical Science

Exam Review

The charge on an electron, which is one of the prime constituents of an atom, is Correct Answer: negative.
About how many extra electrons would be present on a charged object having an accumulated charge of one (1) couloommmb? Correct Answer: 6.3 x 10^18
When electrical power losses in a circuit are calculated, we can use the relationship I^2R,which is also often referred to as the Correct Answer: joule heat.
The kilowatt-hour is a unit used for which of the following? Correct Answer: electrical work
Electrical elements that are connected in a circuit so that the same current must pass through each one in turn are said to be connected in Correct Answer: series.
A circuit breaker or a fuse is placed in an electrical circuit to Correct Answer: protect a circuit from carrying too much current.
The north pole of a stationary magnet will be attracted to Correct Answer: a magnetic south pole.
Magnetic field lines Correct Answer: always make complete loops through and around magnets.
Moving electric charges create Correct Answer: electrical resonances.
Which of the following would not be considered an asset in providing electrical safety for power tool uses? Correct Answer: a nongrounded metal case on the tool.
The ecliptic is Correct Answer: the apparent path followed by the Sun on the celestial sphere.
Which of the following is a terrestrial planet? Correct Answer: Mercury
What is the name of the largest moon of Neptune? Correct Answer: Triton
Which of the following planets has the highest surface temperature? Correct Answer: Mercury
One of the planets that revolves around the Sun seems to have characteristics that more closely resemble an asteroid than the other planets. Which planet is this? Correct Answer: Pluto
The time interval between two successive conjunctions (either inferior or superior) of a planet with the Sun as observed from Earth is known as the planet's Correct Answer: synodic period.
An ancient theory that Earth was the center of the solar system (or universe)is referred to as the Correct Answer: geocentric theory.
Where is most of the mass of our solar system concentrated? Correct Answer: in the Sun
About how long does the condensation theory suggest that it took for our solar system to form? Correct Answer: about 100 million y
What does statistical analysis suggest about the existance of other planetary systems in the universe? Correct Answer: It shows that there is a good probability that many exist.
One cycle of the precession of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to the fixed stars takes about Correct Answer: 26,000 years.
The prime meridian for determining longitude on Earth's surface has been chosen to run through Correct Answer: Greenwich, England.
The point directly above the head of any observer on Earth's surface is called his or her Correct Answer: zenith.
The month is based on Correct Answer: the periodic phases of the Moon.
The arrangement of streets in a town that run North-South and East-West sets up what type of system? Correct Answer: a Cartesin coordinate system
The angular distance north or south of Earth's equator is a measure of Correct Answer: latitude
A new standard time zone begins as you travel around Earth's equator every Correct Answer: 15 degrees
A line on the surface of Earth where the longitude is always the same is referred to as Correct Answer: a meridian.
The noontime Sun will be directly over the equator of Earth on which day or days of the year? Correct Answer: the fall and spring equinoxes
During what season or seasons of the year will the Sun have a declination of 23.5 degrees North? Correct Answer: Summer
The diameter of Earth's Moon is Correct Answer: a little over one-fourth the diameter of Earth.
Large and small bowl-shaped depressions in the surface of the Moon that are believed to have been caused by impacts of objects from space are called Correct Answer: craters.
The youngest rocks that have been found on the lunar surface suggest that volcanoes on the Moon Correct Answer: have been inactive for over 3.1 billion years.
What is the relationship between the Moon's plane of revolution around Earth and the ecliptic plane on which Earth revolves around the Sun? Correct Answer: The Moon's plane of rotation is tilted by +/- 5 degrees with respect to the ecliptic.
The closest point of approach between the Moon and Earth is called Correct Answer: perigee.
The phase of the Moon that occurs between its first-quarter and full phases is known as Correct Answer: the waxing gibbous phase.
The last-quarter moon will appear on any observer's overhead meridian at Correct Answer: 6 A.M. local solar time.
During what season of the year will the full moon be highest in the sky for an observer in the northern United States? Correct Answer: winter
Where must the Moon be with respect to Earth when a solar eclipse is taking place? Correct Answer: between Earth and the Sun.
The Moon's gravitational attraction affects Earth's oceans by causing Correct Answer: two high and two low tides daily.
The Sun rotates on its own internal axis with a period of about Correct Answer: 25 days
The thin, red, outer layer of the Sun's surface that can be seen only for a few seconds during a solar eclipse is called the Correct Answer: chromosphere.
The measurement of angular distance north or south of the celestial equator on a celestial sphere is referred fo as Correct Answer: declinaiton.
Which of the following units of distance is the largest? Correct Answer: the parsec.
The brightness of a star as seen from Earth is referred to as the star's Correct Answer: apparent magnitude.
A very large star whose surface temperature is several thousand degrees cooler than that of the Sun's photosphere is referred to as Correct Answer: a red giant.
A rapidly rotating neutron star that has been detected on Earth by observing its regular bursts of radio emission is known as Correct Answer: a pulsar.
The mass of a black hole is believed to be concentrated in a very small central region referred to as Correct Answer: a singularity.
Hubble's law expresses a relationship between the distance from Earth to a galaxy and that galaxy's Correct Answer: radial velocity.
We believe that quasars are very distant objects because astronomers have been able to measure their Correct Answer: large red shifts
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