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Intro to Sociology

Ch 12

According to functionalists, the family is ______________because it fulfills six needs that are basic to the survival of every society. Correct Answer: universal
Adults living together in a sexual relationship without being married is known as__________? Correct Answer: cohabitation
Based upon an objective analysis of the data available on divorce in the United States presented in the text, which of the following statements is true? Correct Answer: Comparing the number of divorces in a given year to the total number of married couples yields a divorce rate of about two percent.
For both single mothers and married couples, what is the most common source of child care for mothers who work outside the home? Correct Answer: organized child care facilities
Frank, Jim, Martha, and Louise occupy the same apartment, share routine chores such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry, and each contributes a share of their earnings to pay utilities and food costs. Which term most applies to the relationship between Fran Correct Answer: household
John and Diane proudly consider themselves to be DINKS. What is the distinguishing feature of DINKS? Correct Answer: They are a married couple, both are working, and they have no kids by choice.
Of the following racial groups, which one is most likely to have a family headed by a married couple? Correct Answer: Asian Americans
Regina lives in a society in which children are related to their father's relatives but not their mother's relatives. What type of descent system does this illustrate? Correct Answer: patrilineal
Sociologically, which of the following is the most accurate definition of "marriage"? Correct Answer: It is a group's approved mating arrangements.
Sylvia legally has three husbands--Ryan, Matthew, and Frank. In view of this, which assessment most accurately applies to Sylvia? Correct Answer: Sylvia is living in a society that practices polyandry.
Today's average first-time bride and groom are _________than at any other time in U.S. history. Correct Answer: older
What do functionalists view as the purpose of the incest taboo? Correct Answer: It facilitates the socialization of children and it avoids role confusion.
What did sociologist Murray Straus conclude based on his research on battering in marital relationships? Correct Answer: Husbands and wives are about equally likely to attack one another.
What family member did sociologist Diana Russell discover to be the most common incest offender? Correct Answer: uncles
What is the primary source of strain in the typical one-parent family? Correct Answer: poverty
What state in the U.S. initially legalized same-sex marriages but then voters overturned this action with a ballot initiative called Proposition 8, which limits marriage to a man and a woman? Correct Answer: California
What term describes a family in which grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren live under one roof? Correct Answer: the extended family
What term describes a society in which men have more than one wife? Correct Answer: polygynous
Which of the following statements is most true of love and courtship? Correct Answer: Romantic love is the concept of people being sexually attracted to one another and idealizing each other.
Which of the following trends is least likely to occur? correct Answer: Births to single women are likely to decrease.
Which perspective is most aligned with the belief that family provides to society economic production, socialization of children, care of the sick and aged, and reproduction? Correct Answer: the functionalist perspective
Which term describes a family where at least one member of the marrying couple brings children into it from a previous union or other marriage? Correct Answer: blended family
Zachary's parents were divorced three years ago. During the first year after the divorce, Zachary's father visited him every week. Then Zachary's father remarried and fathered another child. Now he rarely visits Zachary. What is this scenario called? Correct Answer: serial fatherhood
According to some researchers, among which racial group does the husband-father play the strongest role in the family? Correct Answer: Latinos .
What are "boomerang children"? Correct Answer: children who strike out on their own but then find the cost and responsibility too great and return home
Created by: malrey3