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Intro to Sociology

Ch 9

Chris, a mortgage loan manager, works for a bank that targets minorities for high-risk loans because the bank can charge higher interest rates. The action of the bank is best described as ________. Correct Answer: institutional discrimination
From which country do Americans of European descent most often trace their ancestry? Correct Answer: Germany
From which nation do the greatest number of Latinos in the United States trace their heritage? Correct Answer: Mexico
In 1955, who was the African American woman whose arrest for refusing to stand on a public bus so white people could sit helped inspire the civil rights movement? Correct Answer: Rosa Parks
In which ethnic group is it most likely that children will grow up with parents who are married to each other? Correct Answer: Asian American
People who are African American and Hispanic are often turned down for loans, even though their credit histories are similar to white applicants. What do sociologists call this form of treatment? Correct Answer: institutional discrimination
Prejudice describes ________ while discrimination describes ________. Correct Answer: attitudes; actions
Race is to biology as ________ is to cultural heritage. ethnicity
Rosa is a young, female Puerto Rican; Leon is a young, male African American; Yoko is a young, female Japanese American; and Joseph is a young, male Native American. Which individual is most likely to intermarry? Correct Answer: Yoko
Sam, a bartender who served in the Vietnam War, refuses to serve Asians in his bar because he believes that Asians have no business living in the U.S.A. Sociologically, how would one describe Sam's actions? Correct Answer: Sam is guilty of prejudice and discrimination.
Slavery in the United States was an example of which pattern of intergroup relations? Correct Answer: internal colonialism
Tiger Woods invented the term "Cablinasian" to describe his racial identity. What identities are included in being a "Cablinasian?" Correct Answer: Asian, Indian, Black, Caucasian
What do sociologists call a tendency for people to be blind to the messages that labels convey? Correct Answer: selective perception
What is the attempted destruction of a group of people because of their presumed race or ethnicity? Correct Answer: genocide
What is the intergroup strategy that involves separating minority groups from dominant groups so that minimal contact occurs between them? Correct Answer: segregation
What is the major difference between how sociologists and psychologists attempt to understand prejudice? Correct Answer: Psychologists examine conditions inside the individual, and sociologists examine conditions outside the individual.
What is the method of intergroup relations that allows the minority group to adopt the dominant group's patterns in their own way and at their own speed? Correct Answer: permissible assimilation
Which ethnic group does the text refer to as the "invisible minority"? Correct Answer: Native Americans
Who are Chicanos? Correct Answer: Americans from Mexico
Who are the American volunteers concerned with illegal immigration who unofficially patrol the Mexico-United States border? Correct Answer: the Minutemen
Mickey takes great pride in being Irish. He wears a button that says "Kiss Me...I'm Irish," flies the Irish flag outside his home, cooks traditional Irish dishes at home, and participates in the St. Patrick's Day parade every year. What is Mickey doing as Correct Answer: Mickey is involved in ethnic work.
Sociologists refer to those members of society with the greater power and privilege (the ones who do the discriminating) as the__________. Correct Answer: dominant group
What is the variable that most distinguishes one race from another? Correct Answer: physical characteristics
What term was used to describe the Serb massacre of Muslims in Bosnia? Correct Answer: ethnic cleansing
Who was the sociologist who defined minority groups as people who are singled out for unequal treatment and who regard themselves as objects of collective discrimination? Correct Answer: Louis Wirth
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