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ngill GRE Vocab

GRE words

latent present, but not necessarily known
contraindicate to indicate against
etymology = history and study of words
venal = capable of being corrupted
diffident = shy
aberration = exception
consummate = accomplished
penurious =penny-pinching
parsimonious =unwilling to part with one’s possessions
idiosyncratic =unique
burnished =polished
pithy =brief
jaunty =blithe=lighthearted
repudiate =to reject or deny
fallacious = tending to mislead
mendacious = lying
contingencies =possibilities
exigencies = requirements
opined =stated one’s opinion
ebbing =reduction, abatement
irradiation = exposure to radiation
abatement =reduction
melancholically = mournfully
unmitigated = thorough/complete
belies contradicts
cretacious chalky
diaphonous see-through
amorphous shapeless
ingenuous innocent
ubiquitous constantly present
inimical hostile
contumacious rebellious
estimable worthy of rrespect
seditious rebellious
hegemony dominance
imprecation danger
incongruous incompatible
pretentious pompous
quixotic foolishly idealistic
derision ridicule
pernicious destructive
blithe lighthearted
glib done with ease
fervent passionate
sinuous having curves
ephemeral lasting only a short time, usually a day
credence acceptance of a belief as truth
usury an illegal interest rate
ostentatious boastful
tractable easily managed
feckless irresponsible
aesthete someone who appreciates beauty
accretion growth
inscrutable hard to understand or investigate
ardor intense emotion
rarefy to make thin
gossamer light, gauzy
volubility condition of using fluent speech
prevarication avoiding the truth
vituperative harsh criticism
dissemble to conceal
equivocable capable of having multiple meanings
narcissist a self-loving person
veneration idolization
propitiatory offered as a way of seeking forgiveness
cadge to beg
morass a marsh
rodomontade bragging/boastful
chattel movable property, possessions other than a house or piece of land
purchase (1) to buy OR (2) a firm grasp or footing
incumbent holding office or authority
esoteric unusual or mysterious
sanctimonious self-righteous
evanescence fleeting (noun)
Drivel nonsense
protract to prolong, usually without good reason
pugnacious tending to quarrel
Desiccate to dry out, usually to preserve. Opposite of inundate
insinuate to hint at
lout a clumsy/rough-mannered person
squabble minor, unimportant quarrel
exude to discharge
factious raising factions, creating discord
viands small pieces of food
cull to collect from a larger source
accede (1) to agree (2) to fill in a high position
gregarious sociable
culpable deserving blame
vexation annoyance
entreaty humble request
arbitrate to judge
ineffable to great, extreme, or sacred to say in words
obloquy strong public criticism
pragmatic relating to fact or science rather than artistic
cabal a secret group with shared interests
plucky showing courage
cupidity greed
effulgence brilliance
overweening excessively much
taciturn silent by nature
jaunt to go on a journey for fun
hirsute rough with hair
pilose rough with hair
poltroon very cowardly, an extreme coward
pusillanimous very cowardly
caitiff very cowardly, an extreme coward
consonance agreement, harmony
agog very excited and curious, ecstatic
wan pale or faint
pallid pale or faint
sallow pale or faint
yokel a rustic person, a hick, a hayseed, a bumpkin, a boor
filch to steal, pilfer
reprisal act of retaliation or revenge, requital
checkered marked by changes in fortune
nondescript very ordinary, not at all exciting
prosy/prosaic very ordinary, not at all exciting
excise to remove by cutting out
vulpine crafty, cunning, fox-like
aquiline eagle-like, crooked or hooked
fabian cautious and delaying to the point of being inefficient
cunctative tending to procrastinate
dilatory slow to act
excoriate to strip the skin from or to criticize severely
estrade raised platform
assuage to make less intense or to satisfy
erudite having or showing great knowledge
placate to make less angry
prodigal spending too much money, wasteful
apathy state of indifference
capricious given to sudden mood changes
corroborate to conform or give support to
laconic using very few words
loquacious chatty
pedant a person who overemphasizes rules or minor details
propriety the state or quality of being proper/suitable
vacillate to be indecisive
impertinence disrespect
allay to alleve
slake to alleve
puerile immature, juvenile
tyro beginner
surfeit overindulge
salient clear, obvious
occult hidden
trenchant pointed and articulate
sacrosanct absolutely true, inviolable
sententious concise
rubicund healthy red color
disconsolate unconsolable
insolent disrespectful
lachrymose tearful or extremely sad
droll amusing
spurious apocryphal
salacious lustful
lecherous lustful
slovenly sloppy
genteel refined
urbane refined/elegant
decorum appropriateness
foment to arouse or incite
reticent silent or reserved
diatribe an abusive, condemning speech
inchoate not fully formed, disorganized
cogent convincing, using sound logic
chicanery crafty deception
eclectic composed from a variety of soures
elegy sorrowful poem/speech
soporific causing sleepiness
disparate entirely unlike
credulous gullible
specious deceptively attractive, seemingly plausible, but misleading
paragon model of excellence
veracity filled with truth
torpor extreme sluggishness both mentally and physically
amalgamate to mix together
stolid unemotional
exculpate to clear from blame, to prove innocent
attenuate to weaken
iconoclast one who opposes established customs or beliefs
bombastic pompous in speech
perfunctory done in a routine way
philanthropy desire to promote goodness
desultory jumping around, disconnected
exonerate to clear from blame
castigate to punish harshly
florid embellished, excessively decorated
garrulous talking a lot
sublime lofty or grand
stigma mark of shame
quiescent motionless
impetuous quick to act without even thinking
caustic sarcastic, witty, or capable of burning/eroding
dissonance a harsh combination, usually of noises
cacophony a harsh sound
perfidious willing to betray
reticent quiet
dilettante someone with amateurish interest in a topic
dirge mournful hymn or speech
pellucid understandable
recondite obscure
abstruse difficult to understand
licentious immoral
jejune childish
vitiating morally corrupting
odious offensive
noisome offensive
cloying sickly-sweet
cant insincere
plaintive sad
condign fitting, well-deserved
clement merciful
obsolescent outdated
antiquated outdated
neoteric of recent origin
furtive secretive
byzantine complicated
ersatz artificial/synthetic
impugn criticize
redoubtable formidable, worthy of respect
surreptitious sneaky
dubious doubtful
antiquity ancient-ness
unilateral performed by or affecting only one individual
expurgate to remove unsuitable or objectionable matter from something (usually from a book)
cerebral requiring the use of intellect
indelible impossible to erase or remove
pertinacious holding firmly to an opinion or idea
provincially relating to the people of a province, not sophisticated
promulgate to promote
artifice cunning (noun)
ribald obscene
salient most noticeable
salubrious pleasant, healthy, wholesome
opprobrious bringing disgrace
aspersion slander
disparage to belittle
pillory that thing they lock people’s necks into in medieval times; to expose to public abuse
gainsay to speak out against
berate to scold
remonstrate to say in objection
harangue a long scolding
inveigh to protest or verbally attack
objurgate to reproach harshly
lambaste to beat or whip severely, sometimes with words
perfidy a deliberate breach of trust
canard a false story or report
compunction a feeling of guilt
doctrinaire seekign to impose a doctrine withotu regard to special circumstances
redress to set right
gibe an insulting/mocking remark
riposte a retort or offensive response
fatuous pointless
insipid lacking flavor
bacchanalian totally drunken
debauchery indulgence in sensuality
libidinous lustful
sordid dirty, immoral
knell the sound of funeral bells
obsequies funeral ceremonies
abnegate to reject something valuable
ascetic a person who dedicates their life to ideals
peremptory dictator-like
bemusing confusing
rebarbative repellent, totally disgusting
rue to wish somethign had never been done
conjugal pertaining to the relationship between husband and wife
consanguine of the same descent
distaff pertaining to women
filial of a son or daughter
scion a descendent
raillery good-humored banter
simper to put on a silly smile
interregnum a period of freedom from the usual authority
interstice a small gap
largess a generous bestowl of gifts
magnanimous generously forgiving
munificent extremely generous
stint to be frugal
avaricious greedy/covetous
rapacious plundering
asperity roughness in tone
baleful full of menacing
minatory threatening
strident making a harsh sound
anathema a thing that is hated
odium intense hatred
rancor bitter resentment
churlish rude
curmudgeon a cantankerous person
irascible easily provoked
fulsome repulsive to someone with good taste
unctuous oily, greasy, or insincere
assay to analyze or to try something out
lassitude weariness
phlegmatic not easily excited to action or to express emotion
auspicious promising success, marked by good fortune
kismet destiny
cavil to raise trivial objections
enjoin to command
martinet someone who strictly follows the rules, as in the military
awry with a twist on one side
carom a shot when the cue ball strikes two different balls in billiards
sidle to move sideways
grandiloquent speaking in an overly lofty style
prolix extended to unnecessary length
sonorous rich and full in sound
esurient hungering, greedy
augur one who interprets omens
auspice a favorable sign
fey fated to die
presage a foreboding or a prediction
forfend to fend off
perspicacious having keen perceptions
lugubrious gloomy
threnody a poem of lamentation
renitent resissting pressure
untoward unfortunate or improper
compendious covering the entirity of a subject in brief form
recreant cowardly
fealty faithfulness, fidelity
probity honesty
ambulatory capable of walking
itinerant characterized by travel
peripatetic while walking about or traveling
enervate to deprive of strenght, opposite of energize
stultify to make look foolish, or insane
apothegm a short bit of wisdom or instruction
abeyance suspension, temporary break from
bromide a trite saying, a cliche
epigram a short witty saying
abjure to officially renounce
recidivism habitual relapse, as with crime
renege to go back on one’s word
rescind to repeal
plebian of the working class
pious devout
nebulous unclear, vague
patent easily recognizable, obvious
inalienable non-transferable and not rejectable
extraneous irrelevent, coming from without
debase to reduce the value of
unpropitious having unfavorable conditions
fastidious excessively particular, hard to please
recrudescent revived
collude to act together secretly, to conspire
inveigling enticing or flattering
timorous full of fear
pervasive spread throughout
vigilance alertness
sagacity wisdom
intrepidity fearlessness and endurance
commodious expansive
egregious outstandingly bad
austere harshly simple
profligate someone who is wasteful
wastrel someone who is wasteful
prodigious exceptional, phenomenal
bastion protection, bulwark, stronghold; something that prevents loss
affable friendly, easy to talk to
somniferous soporific
analeptic causes you to gain energy
obviate to obstruct
to effect (verb) to cause to happen. Not to be confused with affect.
cicatrix a type of scar
staid very well-mannered and proper, even to the point of being uninteresting
blandishing cajoling,gently flattering
profligacy recklessness
parochial limited
oblique not direct; in a round-a-bout way
truculent belligerent
bellicose belligerent
querulous irritable, but not associated with violence
indefatigable untiring
tumid bloated
acrid sharply bitter
acerbic sharply bitter
saccharine overly sweet
vapid bland or dull
Created by: ngill
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