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AP Stat

Statistics Vocab

Variance average of the squared differences of all the values from the mean. standard deviation squared.
Standard deviation square root of the average of the squared differences of all the values from the mean. square root of variance
Skewed to the right has a long tail on the right side or the positive side.
Skewed to the left has a long tail on the left side or the negative side
Empirical rule 34-13.5-2.35 68% of the values lie within one standard deviation 95% of the values lie within two standard deviations 99% of values lie within three standard deviations
Range Difference between the largest and the smallest number
Interquartile range (IQR) Difference between the third and first quartile
Simple ranking I am top 25 out of 583 students. I am the seventh best detergent out on the market.
Percentile ranking convert simple rank to a percentage
z-score how many standard deviations something is from the mean
correlational coefficient quantitative value of the strenght of a linear relationship. -1<r<1
strongly positively associated (scatter plot) slope is positive and all values are close to the line of best fit
negatively associated (scatter plot) slope is negative
residual plots plot of the difference between the actual value and the line of best fit. sum of the residuals equals zero
outliers values that fall away from the overall pattern. a point is an outlier if its residual is an outlier in a set of residuals
influential scores scores whose removal would sharply change the regression line. typically found on the ends of the line.
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