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Foreign Words and Ph

Foreign Words and Phrases for 9th grade EOC test

Latin for "out of many, we are one" E pluribus unum
Italian for a very demanding woman; a spoiled woman; what we usually call a diva these days prima donna
French for the carefree enjoyment of life--those moments when you are just carefree and happy joie de vivre
French for very modern or groundbreaking avant-garde
French for a social blunder; comes from "false step"; it used when you do something that is socially embarrassing. faux pas
French for "Please respond"--Initials stand for répondez s'il vous plaît. RSVP
French--a compelling sense that one has experienced something before deja vu
French for "of the day" du jour
French for "good trip, so when you say this in English, you are basically saying, "Have a good trip!" bon voyage
French word meaning "dangerous woman" femme fatale
a French saying meaning the spirit of a group toward a common goal esprit de corps
When you retire and no longer have to work, someone may call your retirement years the _______________. joie de vivre
Calling someone a Siren is much like calling her this French phrase. femme fatale
a phrase you are likely to see on restaurant menu du jour
a phrase that could be used for our school during Homecoming Week esprit de corps
If you make jokes about certain groups of people, you are likely to make a _______________ because you could be insulting the person to whom you are talking. faux pas
French - complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best. looks like "check blank". carte blanche
This word comes from the lead singer of an opera because these singers are the stars of the show. prima donna
a phrase used on the US's money because though we are fifty individual states, we share the same money E pluribus unum
Fashions that are usually stuff we'd never wear normally or use clothing in ways we never imagined could be called _______________. avant-garde
Latin - "buyer beware" - buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality of goods before a purchase is made. caveat emptor
French - private conversation, heart-to-heart tete a tete
French - enjoy your meal bon appetit
Latin - favor granted with something expected in return. This for that quid pro quo
French - food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal. a la carte
Latin - urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. YOLO carpe diem
Latin - school, college, or university that one once attended alma mater
French - dance for two people pas de deux
Latin - an order requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a court, especially to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention. habeas corpus
Latin - person's secondary or alternative personality alter ego
Latin - genuine; real bona fide
Created by: hayess@btcs.org