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Magnetism & EM

Questions from PPT

What was the first magnet? magnetite or lodestone
What is the largest magnet? Earth
What is a battery? source of electromagnetic force
What is magnetism? fundamental property of some forms of matter
Describe magnetic field: lines of force; indicate direction of magnetic force
Describe electron motion: rotate on own axis; clockwise or counterclockwise
What is dipole? each end has equal but opposite charges; North & South poles
What is domain? accumulation of dipoles
Desribe lines of force: inside magent: S-> N; outside magnet: N-> S
What is permeability? ability to become magnetized
What is retentivity? ability to remain magnetized
Describe 3 classifications of magnets: natural-earth or lodestone; artificial-bar magnet; electromagnet-wire around iron core
Describe 4 states of matter: nonmagnetic-unaffected; ferromagnetic-strongly attracted; paramagnetic-slightly attracted; diamagnetic-slightly repelled
List the Laws of Magnetism: 1-dipole, North & South poles; 2-like poles repel, unlike poles attract; 3-ferromagnetic material can be magnetized in external magnetic field; 4-intensity of field is directly related to magnetic pole strength & indirectly related to distance squared
What is the unit of measure? SI? gauss; tesla
What is electromagnetism? force associated with electrons in motion
What are 3 ways of EM induction? 1-move conductor across stationary magnetic field; 2-cut stationary conductor with magnetic lines of force; 3-stationary conductor in magnetic field with varying magnetic flux
What is Faraday's Law? electric current is induced to flow in circuit if part of circuit is in changing magnetic field
What is Lenz's Law? induced current flows opposite the action that induces it
What is a helix? coil of wire
What is a solenoid? coil of wire with a source and current
What is an electromagnet? coil of wire with source & current that is wrapped around an iron core
Describe EM Self Induction: coil of wire carries current & sets up current within itself
Describe Autotransformer: primary side of circuit; kVp selector; uses self induction
Describe EM Mutual Induction: primary coil-potential difference creates current; secondary coil-carries induced current
Describe Step Up Transformer: uses mutual induction; voltage to kVp; amperage to mA; more turns on secondary coil
Describe Step Down Transformer: uses mutual induction; kVp to voltage; mA to amperage; more turns on primary coil; filament current; secondary side of circuit
What is a generator? dynamo; converts mechanical to electrical energy
What is a motor? rotor; converts electrical to mechanical energy
Describe Air Core Transformer: solenoid
Describe Open Core Transformer: electromagnet
Describe Closed Core Transformer: electromagnet where iron cores are connected
Describe Shell Core Transformer: both coils of wire are wrapped around same iron core, iron core is laminated
Created by: gogators_721