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Barnett Insurance 5

Health Insurance

Insurance is a product that you can buy that can help pay expenses at a later date True
Without health insurance you will have a harder time finding a doctor to take care of you. True
One reason people do not choose to have health insurance is because they think there will never be a need. True
The best place to obtain health insurance is through a group plan. True
In recent years, the cost of medical care in the US has increased dramatically. True
Most employers pay a portion of group health insurance for their employees. True
If you don't use the money in your Flex 125 Plan by the end of the year, you lose it. True
The premiums for individual health insurance policies are usually more expensive than for group policies. True
Dental insurance has a low deductibles and co insurance requirements of 20 percent or more. True
To receive maximum reimbursement, participants in a managed health care plan must select doctors who belong to the network. True
PPOs are more flexible than HMOs, so they are more expensive. True
Medigap insurance is a type of supplemental insurance that pays the deductibles and copayments not covered by Medicare. True
If you have disability insurance, benefits have a waiting period. True
Workers' compensation insurance does carry a death benefit. True
People who are named in a life insurance policy who will receive the benefits of the policy are called beneficiaries. True
The law allows people who leave employment to continue their health insurance under the company plan for a limited period of time. COBRA
A Flex 125 Plan allows employees to set aside money-pretax-to help pay certain medical expenses
People who buy individual insurance policies must often take a physical exam before coverage begins; generally pay more than those who buy group insurance; may have a waiting period of up to 90 days before coverage begins.
A preferred provider organization is a group of health care providers who join together to provide health services for set fees.
Government sponsored health insurance for people with low income is called Medicaid
A small insurance policy that modifies the coverage of the main policy is called a rider
The maximum duration of benefits under most disability policies is until age 65.
___ insurance is a type of health insurance in which all those insured have the same coverage and pay a set premium. group
___ of benefits is a group health insurance program that specifies how the insurers will share the cost when more than one policy covers a claim Coordination
A ___ health insurance policy is designed to pay high deductibles and copayments as well as medical fees that are higher than the insured's standard policy allows. supplemental
Major ___ coverage provides protection against the catastrophic expenses of a serious injury or illness. medical
Your main health care provider in an HMO is called your ___ care physician. primary
As with care insurance, ___ pools make it possible for people who are otherwise "uninsureable" to obtain some type of health insurance. high risk
___ insurance is an insurance plan that makes regular payments to replace income lost when illness or injury prevents the insured from working. disability
a specified amount of tie during which benefits will be paid benefit period
insurance covering the cost of extended care of people who have difficulty with basic daily activities long term care
a government medical assistance program based on need Medicaid
a government medical assistance program for retired and/or disabled persons Medicare
the doctor designated by the insured to be most directly responsible for his or her care primary care physician
care given by physicians or by registered nurses or certified therapists under a physicians' supervision skilled care
What is the most common type of health insurance? group
How is a point of service plan like an HMO? A point of service plan is like an HMO in that patients must choose a primary care physician
Distinguish between the two types of disability insurance. Short term disability insurance usually provides benefits for up to six months but can last as long as two years; long term disability insurance picks up where short term leaves off and can provide coverage up to retirement.
What is not covered by basic health insurance? cosmetic or elective surgery
Created by: SheilaBarnett
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