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6th grd CRCT Johnson

6th grade CRCT Review Johnson

_______ one of two numbers that when multiplied together equal a given number Factor
The largest number that two or more numbers can be divided by is the ______ Greatest Common Factor
The number of times the base number is multiplied is called an _____ Exponent
A number that is divisible by only 1 and itself is called a _____ Prime Number
A number that is divisible by more than 1 and itself is called a _____ Composite Number
Line graphs represent how data _____. changes over time
Circle graphs are best for _____. comparing percentages or comparing parts to a whole
The graph that is an arrangement of numbers that seperates the digits into columns is a _____ stem and leaf graph
A pictograph represents data using _____ pictures and symbols
The graph that uses a table to organize data is called a _____ frequency table
The mean or average is found by taking the sum of the data divided by the ______ number of data
The most occurring piece of data is called the _____ mode
The middle piece of the data is called the _____ median
The difference between the greatest value and the smallest value in the data set is called the _____ range
_____ decimals you first line up the decimals vertically To add or subtract
When multiplying decimals count the number of digits to the right in the two numbers multiplied and place the decimal that many places from this direction in the answer _____ right
The smallest number that can be divided by two or more other numbers is called the _____ least common multiple
_____ can be found by finding the least common multiple of the denominators the common denominator
When the numerator of a fraction is one we call it a _____ unit fraction
_____ are part of a whole fractions
Fractions that name the same number are called _____ equivalent fractions
To add fractions you need to have a _____denominator common
When fractions have the same denominator we say they have a _____ common denominator
When adding fractions with common denominators we add the numerators and do this to the denominator _____ keep it the same
To find the common denominators we find this for the denominators _____ Least Common Multiple
When you divide the numerator and denominator of a fraction with their GCF you are doing this _____ Simplifying
When multiplying or dividing mixed numbers first you need to change the mixed numbers to this multiply the numerators and denominators then simplify improper fraction
An improper fraction is where the numerator is ______ larger than the denominator
We must invert the fraction on the right side and multiply to _____ divide simple fractions
The inverted form of the fraction is called it's _____ reciprocal
______ means to switch the position of the numerator and the denominator Invert
When the numerator is less than the denominator it is called a _____ proper fraction
This has a whole number and a fraction _____ mixed number
Decimals, percents, and fractions are different ways to write the _____ same value
______ are parts per hundred Percents
To change a decimal to a percent you move the decimal ______ two places to the right
To change a percent to a decimal you move the decimal _____ two places to the left
To multiply with percents first you need to change the percent to a ______ decimal
To change a percent to a fraction write the percent as the numerator with a denominator of ______ then simplify make the denominator one hundred
An equation that shows that two ratios are equal is called a _____ proportion
A mathematical sentence showing two expressions are equal is called an _____ equation
_____ is the ratio of favorable outcomes over possible outcomes Probability
______ probability is what should happen Theoretical
______ probability is what does happen Experimental
_____ is a list of all the possible outcomes sample space
One minus the probability an event will happen is called the _____ complement
The probability of an event and its complement add up to ____ one whole
This is the point in an angle where two ray's end points meet _____ vertex
We use the numerical value of approximately 3.14 for ____ pi
The distance around the outside of a circle is called the _____ circumference
The distance from the center of the circle to the outside is the _____ radius
_____ is the distance across the circle going through the center diameter
______ means the sides are the same length Equilateral
______ triangles have one 90 degree angle right
The distance around the outside of a polygon is the _____ perimeter
Perimeter is always given in _____ length units
The formula for finding the perimeter of this shape is P=4s _____ square
P=2l + 2w is the formula for finding the perimeter of a ______ rectangle
Add all sides together to find the perimeter of a _____ triangle
A=s squared is the formula to find the area of a ______ square
The formula A=lw or A=bh is used to find the area of a ______ rectangle
The formula A=1/2 bh is used to find the area of a _____ triangle
_____ is how much something can hold Volume
Volume is measured in what kind of units _____? cubic
The formula V=s cubed is used to find the volume of this 3D figure cube
V=lwh (l is length, w is width, and h is height) is the formula to find the volume of a ______ rectangular prism
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