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Infection Control & Radiography

Standard precautions are only utilized during patient treatment. T/F False,Standard precautions are utilized at ALL times.
If sterilization has occurred, ___________ forms of life have been destroyed. All
Shortcuts should always be used when asepsis is concerned. False, shortcuts should never be used in the area of asepsis.
It is a goal for infection control for the dental assistant to maintain good health standards. T/F True, dental assistants should maintain good health standards.
Should a dental assistant update a patients medical health history both verbally and in writing at every visit? Yes, dental assistants should update health history verbally and in writing.
Is disposal of fixer and developer solutions permitted down the sink? No, a waste hauler has to dispose of fixer and developer.
Taking x-rays requires no skills. T/F False, taking x-rays requires skill.
What is asepsis? An environment free of pathogens.
What is used when the term "treat all patients as if they are infected" is stated? Universal precautions
During the initial exam of a patient and during a surgical extraction, what should be worn? PPE should be worn.
What exposure category would a dental assistant be under? Category 1 is the exposure category a dental assistant is in.
What regulates the disposal of hazardous waste after it leaves the dental office? EPA
Which employees are required to obtain OSHA training? All employees are required to receive OSHA training.
What is the best way to prevent the spread of disease from person to person? Washing hands frequently is the best way to prevent the spread of disease.
What is another word for growth inhibitor? Antimicrobial is another word for growth inhibitor
How long should a hand wash be? 30 seconds
What protects the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth? Face mask
What are three standards for wearing a mask? Never let it dangle, replace it if it's moist, & use a new mask for every patient.
Define low level disinfection. Kills some viruses, fungi and most bacterial spores.
Define high level disinfection. Destroys most but not all bacterial spores.
Define intermediate level disinfection. Does not kill bacterial spores.
Where or to whom can digital images be sent? Insurance companies, other dental offices and to patients via letters and e-mail.
Sensor plates for digital imaging come in what sizes? Panoramic, cephalometric, size 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4.
Created by: ddriggers