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Stats Exam 3

Ellis Third Exam- 4/3/12

A type 1 error is the result of Incorrectly rejecting the NULL hypothisis
A research article results of a test using dependent means as (38)=3.11. <01 the result is significant
When conducting a test for independent means a typical research hypothesis might be The mean of population 1 is greater than the mean of population 2
A researcher tests whether a new teaching method is more effective than the old one. What is the RESEARCH hypothesis? there is no difference in effectiveness between the old teaching method and the new teaching method
A research strategy in which each person is tested more than once is known as: any of the above
A one tailed test is especially associated with: the research hypothesis
Which of the following is the most likely way for results of a test for dependent means to be presented in a research article for a study with 25 participants? (24)<significant
A researcher wants to know if a new type of exercise improves peoples health. Would this be a one tailed or two-tailed test and why? one-tailed because the study is only interested in whether the exercise increased health
In a chi-square test, the variables are: categorical (nominal)
Which of the following is the best way to reduce the variances in the distributions of means when conducting a test for independent means? increased the size of the samples
In which situation below would you use a test for dependent means? To compare the level of reading comprehension of students at the beginning of a speed-reading class to their level of reading comprehension at the end of the class
Before running statistical analyses, researchers should check their data for all of the above
A result is considered statistically significant when a sample value is so extreme that: the null hypothesis is rejected
Once a researcher has an idea for a research question, the next step is to develop a specific research plan to address the question
A researcher test whether there is any difference between how fast people work in the morning versus how fast they work in the evening, What is NULL hypothesis? There is no difference in the speed at which people work.
In the discussion section of a research article, one should all of the above
Before embarking on a new study, experienced researchers plan what statistical method (s) they will use when the study is complete. Why is it important to carry out this step? all of the above
What are the generally accepted cutoff points in hypothesis testing in psychology? .01 and .05
In what section of a research article should the authors describe each analysis in a systematic fashion? Methods
Which of the following is true about distributions? For any given sample size there are between two and-1 appropriate distributions.
An analysis of variance differs from a test for independent means in that an analysis a variance can be used to compare three or more groups, while a test for the independent mean cannot be used to compare more than two groups
what is a hypothesis a prediction about the results of the research study
Another name for a research hypothesis is the alternative hypothesis
the set of frequencies obtained in actual frequency distribution are the observed frequencies
a chi square test of significance is essentially considered with. the distinction between expected and observed frequency
A researcher takes a sample and wants to compare the results to the population from which it is drawn. The indepent is gender and the depended variable is yes or no response to weather they favor the abortion. Which test would the researcher use. a difference between means test
What is the research hypothesis the exercise will reduce the rate of heart attacks
What is the NULL hypothesis? the exercise will increase rate of heart attacks
A researcher claims 62% of voters favor gun control H0:p=0.62 H1:p=/ 0.62 ANSWER D
How do you set up a hypothesis testing problem you set it up to test the opposite of what you predict will happen.
Other names for the test for dependent means include all of the following EXCEPT test for match pairs
The main idea of a chi square test is that you compare population means to see if they vary from each other more than by chance.
When conducting a test for independent means you reject the null hypothesis if the score is more extreme than the cutoff score
If you know the samples variance but not the populations variance you can look up populations variance on the table.
Created by: KAzetapi