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Lab Safety

Chemistry Lab Safety Notes

What to for metal and electrical fires? (NOT WATER) use fire extinguisher
How to use the fire extinguisher? Pull pin point and base of the fire.
What is the fire blanket used for? For people
What is the shower used for? To rinse off a lot of chemicals
How long does it take to rinse eyes if chemicals get in them? 15 minutes
Goggles? Stay on for the whole class that we are doing a lab.
What is good for all kinds of fire? Sand
If you spill a lot of chemicals what should you use? Vermiculite.
If you spill a base? Neutralize it with vinegar then wipe up
If you spill acid? Pour on baking soda and then wipe it up.
**If you spill acid or base on yourself just wipe it up (blank)
What happens if you get acid on your skin? It will burn right away.
If you spill base on your skin? It takes a while to seep through the layers of skin and it will burn later.
What to do with broken glass? Sweep up and put glass into the broken glass bin.
What is WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
What is MSDS? Material Safety Data Sheets
What does the MSDS contain? sheets about each chemical we can have in the lab and to go if ingested, spilt, etc.. etc.
How old can the MSDS be? not more than 3 years old.
What does flashpoint mean? The temperature at which a substance will egnite.
Flammability? Does it burn
Hazardous Combination Problems means? Do not put certain chemicals together.
Acute Affects? What will happen to you if you ingest it, spill it on yourself etc.
What cannot be disposed of down the drain? 1. Corrosive things can but with lots of water 2. something that doesn't dissolve in water 3. Volatile Solvants (things that dissolve stuff)
In general what can't be disposed of down the drain? Anything that's not water or something dissolved in water you put in a contained in the fumehood, (waste liquid container)
For flammable liquids? Do not use an open flame to heat it, use a hot plate.
Extra chemicals? Do not take extra, you can not put it back.
What happens if you break a mercury thermometer? Tell someone, mercury must be soaked up.
What is the red triangle for on the mercury thermometers? To prevent rolling.
What should you not do with hot glass or a hot thermometer? Put in cold water (you must wait for it to cool down)
What is a content spill kit? A base spill kit.
When dilluting an acid what should you make sure to do? Always Add Acid to water because then if it splashes you there will be more water in the contained that acid and otherwise the heat would rest on top.
What else should you do when heating stuff? Stay standing up, if spilt it won't get on you as much.
Created by: simply_blonde88