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Chemistry Ch1 Test

last minute help for chem test

Number Basis for SI (Metric) System multiples of 10
y axis vertical
x axis horizontal
scientific method organized plan for gathering information
variable factor that can change
controlled variables variables that remain constant in an experiment
independent variable variable that causes change in another
hypothesis suggested answer, tested by experimentation
conclusion reached after analyzing data
data info gathered during an experiment
kilo 1000
centi 1/100
milli 1/1000
basic lenght unit the meter
basic volumne unit the liter
basic mass unit the gram
basic time unit the second
SI temperature unit degrees celsius
cubic centimeter equal to mL
scientific theory explaination for observations
scientific law summarizes pattern in nature
scientific notation way to express large\small numbers
bar graph good for comparing data\results
waters boiling point 100 degrees celcius
water's freezing point 0 degrees celcius
line graph good for showing changes in related variables
Created by: MelSolt