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An unreactive gas. In the comic book world, a mineral containing this element could weaken Superman. In the real world, a radioactive form of this element is a by-product of most nuclear explosions. Krypton Kr
One of the three magnetic element, this metal is used in 5-cent pieces and other coins in electroplating, and in nichrome wire. Nickel Ni
Aluminum Al
A highly reactive, gaseous nonmetal. Its compounds are added to some toothpastes and many urban water supplies to prevent tooth decay. Fluorine F
Iodine I
A reactive, metallic element. Its compounds are used as a medical "cocktil" to outline the stomach and intestines for X-ray examination. Ba
Potassium K
A metal that is used to make stainless steel. Combined with nickel, it forms nichrome wire which is used in toasters and other devices where high electrical resistance is desired to produce heat. Chromium Cr
Lithium Li
A yellow, nonreactive, metallic element that has been highly valued since ancient times for its beauty and durability. Gold Au
Copper Cu
A widely distributed nonmetal never found naturally in its elemental state uncombined with any other element. It is an essential component in all cell protoplasm, DNA, and various animal tissues and bones. Phosphorus P
A metallic element that serves as the negative pole in the common flashlight battery. It is used to plate a protective film on iron objects. zine Zn
An unreactive, gaseous element used in advertising signs for the bright reddish-orange glow it produces when an electric current is passed through it. Neon Ne
Silver Ag
An expensive, silvr-white metal used in jewelry. It is also used in some industrial processeds to speed up chemical reactions. Platinum Pt
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