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Elements 40

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A unreactive gaseous elmeant that is a product of the nuclear reaction of hydrogen atoms. helium
a reactive meattlic element. its compounds are used as a medical "cocktail" to outline the stomach and intestines for x-ray examination barium
a highly reactive metal. it is used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber and drugs. one of its compounds is used to treat mental illness lithium
a widely distributed nonmetal never found naturally in its elemental state uncombined with any oth element. it is an essential componet in all cell protoplam phospherus
a unreactive gas. is a by product for nuclear explotions krypton
a reactive metal with high melting point it is used in manufacturing rocket nose cones berilum
A reactive silver-white metal that is second in abundance to sodium in ocean water magnessium
A componant of all living matter and fossil fules the black material on a charred candle wick carbon
Nicknamed quick silver that is a liquid at room temp mercury
The lightest and most abundant element, the fuel of the universe such thing as water hydrogen
a highly reactive metal of low density is one of the three main elemest of fertilizer potassium
A soft dense metal used in bullets and car batteries lead
it is the highest mealting point of any pure element. and found in light bulbs tungsten
a metallic element it is added to steel to increase its strength mangannes
a metallic element that serves as the negative pole in the common flashlight zinc
a metal that is used to make stainless steel chrome
the most commonly reactive metal though it is quite rare it is used in atomic clocks m
the statue of liberty is made out of this and it is used for wirering in a house cooper
a magnetic metallic element that has been used in a exstinsive structure iron
a yellow nonreactive metallic element that has been highly valued gold
a metallic elment that is used as a corrosion resistant coating on the inside of cans tin
the compounds are added to water and toothpaste to make the teeth cleaner florine
a reactive metal whose compounds make up limestone chalk cement and is found in milk calcium
an expinsive silver white element found in jewlery platnium
a solid purple black nonmetal that changes to a deep purple gas upon heating iodine
used in soap drill bits and control rods in nuclear power plants borax
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