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WWW List 26 all 100

petroglyph rock carving
metamorphosis change of shape
rectilinear right-angled
tortuous twisting
sanctimonious affectedly holy
rectify correct
vociferous loudly-voiced
pathogen disease causer
isosceles having two equal sides
cryptic having hidden meaning
pathological diseased
dichotomy two-part division
corpulent full-bodied
sine qua non essential element
plutocracy government of wealthy
inherent built in
perihelion orbital point nearest the sun
histology study of living tissue
epiphany revelation
cardiovascular of hear and vessels
intracranial within the skull
melancholy dark sadness
retrograde backward
emollient softener
delineate to outline
petro rock
meta change
lin line
tort twist
sanct holy
rect right
fer carry
gen origin
iso equal
crypt hidden
patho disease
dicho in two parts
corp body
sine without
cracy government
in in
peri near or around
hist tissue
phan appearance
vas vessel
intra within
mela black
retro backward
moll soft
de down
narcolepsy attacks of sleep
magnate powerful person
euphemism pleasant name
heliotropic sun-following
amour-propre self-love
somnambulist sleepwalker
pandemonium demonic clamor
epigram witty comment
punctilious precise in conduct
infidel unbeliever
tractable docile
anthropoid manlike
abrogate annul
anomaly abnormality
enumerate to list
recant retract
loquacious talkative
intercede mediate
perspicuous brilliantly clear
egomania self-obsession
ingenuous innocent and naive
soliloquy speech to oneself
circumlocution talking in circles
diaphanous semitransparent
polyglot multi-linguist
narco sleep
magn great
eu good
trop turn
am love
somn sleep
pan all
epi on
punct point
fid faith
tract pull
anthropo man
rogat asl
nom name
E out
cant sing
loqu talk
cede go
spic look
ego I
ous full of
sol alone
circum around
dia across
poly many
Created by: cindijoanwallace