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Algebra A Ch 1

Stepp's Algebra A Glencoe Ch 1 The Language of Algebra

Algebraic Expression expression with one or more numbers and variables and one or more operations
coefficient the number in front of a variable
factors quantities being multiplied
product the result of multiplying
quotient the result of dividing
equation mathematical sentence containing an equals sign
numerical expression contains a combination of numbers and one or more operations (no variables)
order of operations must be followed to get the correct answer
properties statements that are true for any number
evaluate replace the variables with known values and compute the answer
additive identity property adding zero does not change any number
multiplicative identity property multiplying by one does not change any number
multiplicative property of zeo anything times zero is zero
commutative property of addition it is O.K. to switch the order when adding
associative property of addition it is O.K. to switch the way parentheses goup numbers that are being added
simplify perform as many of the calculations as you can
associative property of multiplication the way three numbers are grouped with parentheses does not affect the answer
closure property of whole numberfs sums or products of whole numbers always make answers that are whole numbers
counterexample a case that shows a statement is not true
whole numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,....
distributive property is used to simplify expressions by getting rid of the parentheses
coefficient the numerical part of a term (the number in front of the variables)
Like terms terms that have the exact same variables and powers
term a number, a variable, or a product or quotient of numbers and variables
equivalent expressions have the same value
simplest form an expression that has no parenthesis and no like terms
formula an equation that states the relationships between variables
data information gathered for statistical purposes
sampling a method for gathering data to represent a population
population all the members of a certain group
frequency table a method of organizing data in a table with tally marks
sample a group that is smaller than and represents the whole population
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