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Vocabulary Ch. 1

abate to callous

WordDefinition 1Definition 2
abate diminish subside
aberration delusion divergence
abet to aide to encourage
abeyance sober abstinent
abstemious sober abstinent
abstruse complex obscure
acrimonious sharp severe
acumen keen insight perception
adamant unyielding firm
aesthetic artistic relating to beauty
affable courteous (blank)
aggravate (blank) to irritate
agnostic skeptic unbeliever
alacrity briskness willingness
allegory metaphor (blank)
alleviate diminish (blank)
altercation controversy (blank)
altruistic generous (blank)
amity friendship harmony
anachronism misdate error in time
analogy comparison (blank)
anathema curse denunciation
apathy unconcern lethargy
apostate someone who is false to his own beliefs (blank)
apropos relevant opportune
arbitrary tyrannical imperious
aroma fragrance odor
ascetic severe austere
askance suspiciously distrustingly
askew awry crookedly
avid greedy (blank)
banal trite (blank)
bellicose warlike (blank)
benign generous (blank)
bigoted narrow-minded (blank)
bucolic rural (blank)
bumptious conceited (blank)
cadaverous ghastly (blank)
cajole to coax to flatter
callous unfeeling insensitive
asperity harshness (blank)
assiduous diligent sedulous
assuage pacify appease
atavism reversion (blank)
augment increase (blank)
auspicious opportune prosperous
austere grave somber
authentic genuine (blank)
avarice greed (blank)
averse disinclined turned-off
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