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Week 3

Using a different film speed can reduce the developing time. T/F False, it reduces the exposure time.
Calcium tungstate phosphors emit a blue light known as "rare earth". T/F False
What is x-ray film sensitive to? Stray radiation, chemicals & high temperatures
In what technique is the central ray perpendicular to the bisecting line? The bisecting technique
An oral surgeon would be the specialist to most likely ask for vertical bitewings. T/F False, a periodontist (gum specialist) would
A dark film is the result of no exposure to radiation. T/F False, the film would be clear.
What error causes a herringbone pattern? Placing the film backwards in the mouth.
What is a light film image the result of? Underdeveloped or underexposed.
What errors can result in a dark film image? Overdeveloping, the developing solution being too warm or overexposure.
What specialist routinely uses extraoral radiographs? Oral surgeons and orthodontists.
What dental specialist might ask for a Cephalometric radiograph? Orthodontist.
Ektaspeed film has the highest speed for the greatest reduction in radiation exposure for the patient. T/F False, Kodak Insight F speed
What would a periapical radiograph show? The apex, eruption stage and tooth development.
How many inches over the incisal edge should a radiograph be placed? 1/8th of an inch
What errors can result in streaks on x-ray film? Dirty rollers or processing racks in an automatic processor.
What is the ideal temperature for developing solution? 68 degrees F
If a daylight loader is used, it means film can be exposed in the daylight. T/F False, it means film can be developed or processed in the daylight.
Created by: ddriggers