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WWW list 1-25 review

www 1-25 review

magnate powerful person
amour-propre self-love
syndrome complex of symptoms
surfeit excess
pellucid crystal clear
polyphonic multi-melodic
dissonant inharmonious
advocatew speak for
tractable docile
temporize delay
epigram witty comment
infidel unbeliever
somnambulist sleepwalker
collateral side by side
sacrosanct sacred
circumscribed limited
anomaly abnormality
disputatious argumentative
perfidious treacherous
discursive rambling
abjure renounce
captious fault-finding
superfluous unnecessary
omniscient all-knowing
magnanimous great-minded
cognoscenti those who know
belligerent warring
euphemism pleasant name
intervene come between
hemiplegia paralysis on one side
vivacious lively
subordinate lower
pandemonium demonic clamor
supersede replace
inanimate lifeless
android robot
elucidate explain
urbane sophisticated
incisive sharp
acronym initials-name
intercede mediate
tangible touchable
confluence a flowing together
circumlocution talking in circles
analgesic painkiller
adherent supporter
specious false
circumspect around
amorphous shapeless
prototype first model
moll soft
vermi worm
dendr tree
lachry tear
oo egg
pter wing
phan appearance
via road
flect bend
glot tongue
cata down
antho flower
austro south
bath deep
myria many
oma tumor
oss bone
nesia island
gno know
ferro iron
infra beneath
form shape
I plural
fic make
andro man
ign fire
mela black
multi many
digit finger
orb circle
coron crown
pot drink
und wave
nav ship
rat think
pithec ape
err wander
anglo England
pulse drive
cirr hair
strat layer
fore front
lepsy attack
cosmo universe
xeno stranger
leuko white
labor work
log word
rogat ask
apo away
pod foot
tox poison
dom rule
zygo yoke
val worth
arthro joint
dicho in two parts
dors back
dys bad
exo out
be life
cyan blue
struct build
aer air
acro high
osteo bone
urb city
fort strong
pugn fight
ultra beyond
tact touch
rect right
retro backward
lith rock
ous full of
ped foot
vert turn
paleo old
ness quality
alto high
junct join
tempor time
tang touch
gamy marriage
cise cut
biblio book
centri center
hema blood
endo within
ver true
helio sun
tetra four
stereo solid
demo people
son sound
luna moon
de down
sub under
super over
un not
erg work
sect cut
soror sister
zym ferment
A plural
lite mineral
macro large
kin motion
ab away
fil thread
ase enzyme
an not
bon good
hum earth
fus pour
ecto outer
cle small
numer number
culp blame
tort twist
rid laugh
meta change
nym name
graph write
topo place
loqu talk
muta change
psych soul
iso equal
cad fall
greg group
trans across
semi half
se apart
neo new
cide kill
omni all
mono one
nov new
sangui blood
alter other
ism doctrine
vita life
cogn know
oct eight
aster star
mal bad
syn together
com together
inter between
Created by: cindijoanwallace