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Micro/Chem exam

Practice Exams

A unit containing two or more elements held together Compound
The symbol for carbon C
Which is the largest element Sodium
smallest particle of a chemical compound which still retains the properties of the compound Molecule
Particle with -1 charge Electron
Greater than 99% of the atoms of an element are: Identical
An atom can lose or gain electron(s) and become known as An ion
What is the formula (molecular) weight of the compound represented by the formula H2O? 18 grams
What is the basic unit for time in the metric system? Second
How many significan figures are there in the number 456.0007 ? 7
Most known elements are found in Nature
The tall eight columns of the Periodic Table are known as the: Representative elements
The most energized electrons of an atom are located: In the outermost energy shell
The number of protons of an atom is equal to the number of: Electrons
The atomic weight (atomic mass) of an atom is equal to the __________of that atom: Number of protons plus the number of neutrons
The decaying of organic matter is an example of what type of property? Chemical
A chemical reaction between a metal, such as zinc, and HCl is an example of what type of property? Chemical
A measurement in the lab which is very close to the true value in a chemistry handbood is said to be: Accurate
The short columns located in the middle of the Periodic Table are referred to as: Transition elements
Elements that do not react belong to which group on the Periodic Table? VIII
Elements which belong to Group VIII of the Periodic Table have a __________in their atoms and do not react: filled outer energy shell
Most atoms of an element have the same number of _______in their nuclei: neutrons
In which Group of the periodic Table will the elements become ions by either gaining OR losing an electron? Group IV A
The properties of an element depend on the electrons where in relation to its atoms? Farthest from the nucleus
What kind of property is represented by the boiling point of water? Physical
Balance the equation Mg + O2 2MgO
Balance the equation KClO3 = 2KCl + O2
balance the equation 2KCl + O2 = KClO3
In the balanced equation, what is the total of all coefficients? KI + Pb(NO3)2 = KNO3 + PbI2 6
A chemical bond which is formed as a result of a sharing of an electron(s) between atoms is what type of bond? Covalent
Created by: tamiboren