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German GCSE Vocab

arbeitslos Unemployed
abfahren To leave / depart
abholen To pick up
arm Poor
abbiegen To turn
Arzt Doctor
Ampel Traffic lights
atemlos Breathless
Angeln Fishing
anfangen To begin
Augenblick Moment
anmelden To register
Apfel Apple
Apfelsine Orange
ausland Abroad
Apotheke Chemist
Ausweis Passort
Aprikose Apricot
Apporat Machine
Austausch Exchange
Allergie Allergy
abräumen To tidy up
Autowäsche Car wash
aussteigen To get off (i.e. a train)
augenehm Comfortable
Abteilung Department
Achtung Attention/ Warning
ausgeben To spend (money)
Anschrift Signature
Automan ATM
Bächer Baker
Bächerei Bakery
Bad Bath
Badeanzung Bathing suit
Badezimmer Bathroom
Bahn Railway / Train
Bahnhof Train station
Bauer Farmer
Bauerhof Farm
bauen To build
Baum Tree
Baumwolle Cotton
berühmt Famous
Beispiel Example
Beruf Career
Berufspraktikum Work experience
bekommen To receive / get
Bequem Comfortable
Beamter Civil servant
Bohne Bean
Bart Beard
Bank Bank / Bench
Bibliotheke Library
Bücherei Book shop
Bezahlen To pay
Bier Beer
Blume Flower
Blumenkohl Cauliflower
Birne Pear
Bilig Cheap
Böse Angry
Blut Blood
Brille Glasses
Bockwurst Sausage
Bluse Blouse
begegnen To meet / bump into somebody
Brücke Bridge
Bruder Brother
Brötchen Bread roll
bißchen A bit
bleiben To stay
Bleifrei Unleaded
Bleistift Pencil
brauchen To need
Bundesrepublik (BRD) Germany
bunt Colourful
Briefmarke Stamp
Brieftasche Briefcase
Brief Letter
Briefträger Postman
Created by: Domallen