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Kilovoltage determines the quantity of radiation. T/F False, milliamperage determines the quantity of radiation.
What is the maximum permissible dose of radiation per year that radiation workers may be exposed to? 5 rems or .05 Sv
What is the latent period? Time between exposure and response.
What radiation if formed when the primary beam strikes the patient? Secondary radiation
Do short wavelengths with high frequency equal the most energy? Yes
Secondary radiation escaped in all directions from the tube head. T/F False, leakage radiation escapes in all directions from the tube head.
What radiation comes from the tube head? Primary radiation
The lead apron should always be folded neatly and put away. T/F False, never folded
Can digital x-rays be altered easily? Yes
What x-ray technique always requires the use of an x-ray holder? The paralleling technique
How is fixer and developer solution disposed of? A paid waste hauler comes and picks it up to be disposed.
Are imaging systems used by dentists? Yes
What is labial mounting? Mounting x-rays with the mounting dot out towards the operator.
What is a quality assurance program for dental x-rays? Routine procedures that ensure high quality x-rays and minimal risks to patients.
Are digital x-rays available for dentists? Yes.
What error is caused by the beam missing part of the film? Cone cutting
Are dental offices able to attach digital files and send them to insurance companies, dental offices and patients? Yes
Does Kodak Ektaspeed plus intraoral film reduce radiation to the patient by up to 20% compared to E-speed film? No,Kodak F-speed film reduces the radiation to the patient by 20%?
What is the difference between the shades of gray in an x-ray called? Contrast
In what type of x-ray can you see the patient's profile? Cephalometric x-ray
What error is caused by the patient's head or x-ray tube head moving? Blurred image
Why might a light image appear on the x-ray film? Underexposure or under developing
Why may a brown stain result? Insufficient rinsing
What color spectrum is a safe light? red-orange
How long should a dental assistant fix the film compared to how long they developed the film? Twice as long
What would a dental assistant require to duplicate dental film? Duplicating film, a duplicator machine, and a processor
The desired temperature for automatic film processing is 100 degrees F. T/F False, 90 degrees
What are extraoral cassettes lined with? Intensifying screens and phosphors
What side is the focusing cup on? The cathode or negative side
What is another name collimator? Lead diaphragm
What error is caused by having too much angulation? Foreshortening
What can occlusal radiographs diagnose? Cysts, impacted teeth & supernumerary teeth
What does a PA radiograph show? The apex, eruption & tooth development
Who should use a lead apron with thyroid collar? Everyone
What position should a patient be in during bitewing exposure? Upright position
When using the paralleling technique, the film must be 45 degrees to the long axis of the tooth. T/F False, it must be parallel to the long axis of the tooth
What could appear in a bitewing x-ray? Caries, alveolar crests & faulty restorations
What is the size of narrow anterior film? Size 1
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