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science test 8th

test for 3/12/12

discovered radioactivity,hypothesis is that radioactivity is "invisible energy emitting from ore" becquerie
students of becquerie, studied "invisible energy",coined word radioactivity, made 1st synthetic elements Pierre and Marie Currie
first synthetic elements made Radium and polonium
the release of particles and energy from an unstable nuclei radioactivity
the number of protons doesnt equal number of neutrons unstability
an element with a specific atomic mass and specific atomic number nuclide
spontanious breahdown of the nuclei radioactive decay
one element turning into another element transmutation
weakest form of radiation,made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons,positive particle,helium nucleus,can be stopped by a single sheet of paper alpha particle
negative charged particle,100x more penetration power,x-rays are created during _____ decay, can be stopped by 1cm of Al beta particle
not a particle,travels in waves,high frequency,short wavelength,cellular damage,can be stopped by high dense matter like pb gamma radiation
the time it takes for half of the radioactivity sample to decay half life
the atoms that undergo fission in the reactor fuel supply
pb "tylenol" around the core,secondary _________ unit structure is high density concreate containment
slows down the speed of neutrons to increase the accuracy of the hit,in the US heavy H2O moderator
rver water is constantly pouring over the core carrying heat away,helps control temps. coolant
controls the rate of the fission reaction,act like magnet to absorb neutrons to speed up/slow or stop chain reaction,in US boron and cadmium control rods
uses an electric current to detect radiation, glass tube filled with Ar or He with W wire running through it geiger counter
super saturated water vaper in a clean chamber, introduce radiation and leaves" cloud tracks" everywhere radiation was cloud chamber
fill a chamber with liquid just below boiling point,introduce radiation and bubble from everywhere radiation was bubble chamber
plate coated with AgBr, introduce radiation, reacts with AgBr to make a negative image of radiation pattern nuclear emulsion
during this, a helium nucleus is released form an unstable nucleus alpha decay
protons and neutrons are held together by this in a nucleus binding energy
an element with unstable nuclei produces this radioactivity
a neutron changes into a proton during this beta decay
the release of alpha particles is one kind of this radioactive decay
the most energetic type of radioactive decay is this gamma decay
when a nucleus of uranium-235 undergoes this 2 smaller nuclei result nuclear fission
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