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Vocab Final Blue

Ardent Passionate, enthusiastic, fiery
Augment To add to
Blasé Unimpressed and indifferent
Desolate Without any people; dismal and devastated
Embark To start or begin
Reception The act or instance of receiving or meeting
Vice Versa Conversely, in reverse
Vie To compete for
Wrangle To argue or dispute
Audacious Bold, daring, or uninhibited
Crusade A military expedition; a campaign for a cause
Exceptional Unusual, extraordinary
Muster To gather or to summon
Pivotal Important, vital
Stamina Endurance
Stance 1. An intellectual or emotional attitude toward something 2. The position of one’s feet
Amiss In a faulty way, astray, or wrong
Avail To be of use; to help
Chastise To criticize or discipline
Culminate To come to the end or the highest point
Deplore To feel or express strong disapproval of
Modify To change; to amend
Tedious Boring, tiring, or monotonous
Balmy Soothing, refreshing and mild
Clad Dressed, wearing
Fallacy A misleading or false belief
Gingerly Cautiously or carefully
Intervene To come between; to step in and stop
Staple An important item or raw material
Vilify To speak evil of; slander
Advocate To argue for, recommend or urge
Attribute To consider as caused by something else
Conservative Favoring traditional views; against change
Humane Marked by compassion or tenderness for humans or animals
Liberal 1. Favoring progress and reform over tradition 2. Generous
Plausible Believable
Renown Widespread fame
Wage To carry on a battle or conflict
Abet To assist, encourage or support, usually in some wrongdoing
Discern To detect or perceive as separate or distinct
Exemplify To show by example, or to be an example of
Fastidious Demanding, painstaking or hard to please
Feasible Capable of being accomplished; possible
Rebuke To criticize sharply or disapprove of
Sporadic Not happening often; occasional
Allot To distribute or divide into portions or shares
Assimilate To incorporate or absorb something; to adjust to
Conventional Standard; ordinary
Foster To encourage or care for
Instill To introduce gradually; implant
Ornate Decorated in a very fancy, flashy style
Sublime Supreme, outstanding or lofty
Surpass To exceed or go beyond
Defect An imperfection or fault
Flustered Put into a state of confusion
Foreboding Menacing; indicating something bad is coming
Formidable Causing fear or admiration
Overt Open and observable
Susceptible Easily influenced or affected
Benign 1. Not harmful 2. Kind and generous (of a person)
Cite To quote something as an authority
Enigma A puzzling situation or person
Lucrative Very profitable
Serene Calm and peaceful
Transition A movement from one form, state, style, or place to another
Conscientious Careful; well thought-out
Deter To prevent or discourage from proceeding
Dire Desperate; terrible
Facilitate to assist or make easier
Languish To become weak; lose health
Rankle To cause irritation or resentment
Adept Very skilled; expert
Disdain To look down upon or hate
Excerpt A passage or selection from a book, film, song or the like
Indifferent Having no particular interest one way or the other
Irascible Very irritable or easily angered
Profound Deep
Analogy A similarity or comparison between two things
Articulate Said or expressed clearly, or someone who is capable of clear expression
Convey to transmit information or transport something
Eccentric Strange; not behaving normally
Endeavor To attempt or try
Trepidation Fear or alarm
Stint A period of time spent doing something
Principal Of first or highest importance
Aloof Uninterested or distant
Avid Enthusiastic and eager
Commemorate To honor the memory of
Decree An authoritative order or decision
Encroach To advance beyond usual limits
Flair A natural talent or ability; style
Imperative Necessary, required, critical
Institute To establish or begin
Awry Turned or twisted; gone wrong
Banter Light talk; witty remarks
Disgruntled Grumpy; dissatisfied and sulky
Intricate Complex
Jurisdiction Power, authority or territory
Pioneer Someone who settles in a land first or who opens up new areas of research
Proficient Skilled
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