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HST of Health care

History of health care

What did the Hindus do in medicine? Set up hospital with some of the best nurses in the world.
What did the chinese do? Documented over 1000 medical herbs. Established the science of acupuncture.
What did Hippocrates stress? The importance of observation and note taking.
Aristotle developed what fields? Anatomy
Claudius Galen re-introduced the ideas of Hippocrates to the Romans, but he ignored what practice? Careful observation and note-taking.
Anton Van Leewenhoek created the what and what did it discover? Microscope and red blood cells.
Robert Hooke developed a stronger, compound lens microscope that proved what? All living things are made of cells.
What was the general attitude of those living in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? Intellect and Reason.
What major medical breakthrough was made during the Industrial Revolution? The connection between structure and function is realized.
What did Joseph Lister identify as the cause of infection in people? Microorganisms.
During the primitive what did people believe caused illness? Supernatural beings and disobediance to the gods.
During the primitive area name two ways people tried to cure illness. Priests and medicine men through religious ceremonies. Using several herbs and plants as medicine.
Created by: Paul Mayuiers