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Fundamentals of Radiation

What sizes and designs are available for sensor image plates for digital x-rays? Panoramic, cephalometric, full size 0 & 2
What size is occlusal film? 4
What size is long bitewing film? 3
Narrow anterior film is size 4? T/F False, size 1
Child size film is size 4. T/F False, it's size 0
What size is adult film? Size 2
An experiment with a cathode ray tube was used to discovered Radiation. T/F X-rays
Ultraspeed film has has the highest speed for the greatest reduction of radiation exposure. T/F False, insight does
What is x-ray film sensitive to? High temperatures, stray radiation and chemicals
What is another name for collimator? Lead diaphragm
What is a focal spot? Area on the tungsten target that electrons hit, and are transformed into photons
The molybdenum _________ ________ is on the cathode side of the x-ray tube. Focusing cup
The electronic timer determines the quality of the x-ray. T/F False, the kilovoltage determines the quality of an x-ray
The milliamperage determines the quantity of an x-ray. T/F True
Radiation dissipates with time. False, radiation is accumulative
What is the MPD per year for radiation workers? 5 rems or .05 sieverts
What tissues and organs are most sensitive to radiation? Bone marrow & reproductive cells to name a few
What is leakage radiation? A form of radiation that escapes in all directions from the tube head.
What is scatter radiation? Radiation that is deflected from it's path as it strikes matter.
Who invented the x-ray? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
What film speed reduces developing time? None
Dental Assistants should always fold the lead apron and put it away neatly. T/F False, it should never be folded
Does the paralleling technique require a film holding device? Yes
What is labial mounting? The mounting dot being out toward the operator when mounting radiographs
What is a quality assurance program? Routine procedures that have been established to ensure high quality and minimal risks to patients
Are imaging systems used by dentists? Yes
State the parts of an x-ray from outside in Outer package, black paper, dental film, black paper, lead foil backing & outer package
Created by: ddriggers
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