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Kriz Final 2

Final review

What is not true about an overlay network? It was part of the traditional planning for interechange netowrk to handle voice, data, and video on the same circuits
What is not true about network design? In designing LAN networks, network designers, tend to err on the side of building to small a network.
The goal of the needs analysis step is to produce a __________, or statement of the network elements necessary to meet the needs of the organization. Logical network design.
What is not an example of identifying protocols that are needed to support hardware and software requirements of applications that will use the network? an application will use HTTP over TCP/IP.
What is not a type of circuit capacity that needs to be considered in technology design. Ethernet
There are some networks modeling tools that can _________ the existing network. Discover
_______ is used to model the behavior of the planned communication network once the proposed network map is complete. Post-Implementation review.
The physical network diagram is done: after the RFP is sent out, before the vendors are selected.
National ISPs connect together and exchange data at_______ Network access points.
A _______ is used by ISPs to authenticate to customers. Remote - access server.
The______ is the connections from a home or business to the telephone company and office. Local Loop
Very-High-Data-Rate DSL uses multiplexing to provide _______ channels? Three channels
Wireless DSL requires____to be effective. tall buildings or towers.
A_____ contains a series of cable modems/mulitplexers and converts the data from cable modem protocols into protocols needed for the internet traffic.? Cable modem termination system.
______is designed to enable the use of normal Web applications on computers and devices with small display screens operating at low speeds. Wireless application protocol
A tranceiver at the WAP gateway passes requests to a ________server from a hand held device. Wireless telephone application
A ____translates a wireless application request to HTTP and sends it over the internet to the designed web server. WAP proxy
In passive optical networking, the optical signal has a maximum lenth of about...? 10 miles
_____ is being pioneered by Yipes.com The Abilene network.
one advantage of ____ is that no conversations between lan and wan protocols are needed Ethernet to the home.
The closest the internet has to an owning organization is the...? Internet Society
The____ is responsible for technical management of IETF and the Internet Standards process. Internet Engineering Steering Committee.
Internet 2 is also known as: The Abilene Network
Another major high-speed network experimenting with long distance Ethernet over fiber is The national Lambda Rail.
Some of the new applications being developed for a high- speed internet include... Tele-immersion
An example of ____ of data would be if a computer virus eliminated files on that computer Destruction
A network swich failure is an example of what kind of threat? Disruptive
A______ is an information system that is critical to the suvival of an organization Mission Critical application
The key principle in preventing disruption, destruction and disaster is.... Redundancy.
A(n)______ is one of the most common examples of redundancy built into a network to help reduce the impact of disruption. Uninterrupted power supply
______ referes to the process of translating between one set of private address inside of a network and set of public address outside the network. Proxy translation
Each stat or canadian province has its own _____to regulate communications within its boarders. Public utilities
When a person uses a regular modem to make a connectino to an internet service provider through POTS, the data travels over a.... dedicated circuit.
Special rate service that allow dialed circuit calls for both voice communication and data transmission to be purchasedin large quantities are known as..... WATS
A________ identifies each device connected to an ISDN network Terminator. SPID
Primary Rate interface: Is defined exactly the same way in Europe.
One Type of Broadband ISDN service is intended to be uses for didital broadcast television. Analog sevice
A_____ is/are devices that permit a user to connect to a digital T-carrier service. CSU/DSU
Routed Backbones: messages can take a long time to travel from the sender to the receiver.
In a ring design WAN, Failure in one circuit means that the network can most likely continue to function.
A____ type of BN has a star topology with one device, such as a switch, at its center Collapsed Backbone
A Star topology is: dependent upon the capcity of the central computer for its performance.
In_____ geometric layout for a network, every computer is connected to every other computer often by point-to-point circuits. Full mesh design.
A mesh network ususally provided relatively long routes through the network, compared to ring networks
In north america, a T1 cicuit has _____ 64Kbps channels 24 channels
SONET is very similar to the ITU_T standard, synchronous digital hierachy.
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