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Stock Market Vocabul

world's largest stock market founded in 1792 NYSE
the most common marker barometer. on the news. founded by Charles Dow, thirty common stocks DJIA
largest electronic stock market opened in 1971 home to all the new age technology stocks NASDAQ
companies issue stock to raise money. divided into shares in which people buy and become owners of the company STOCK
person who owns shares in a stock SHAREHOLDER
the idea of buying low and selling high. all investors have the goal of making money Capital gain
the opposite of capital gain Capital loss
percentage of the profits paid to the shareholders. at the end of the year many companies will send a check to the shareholders dividend
the final price and the amount it has changed during the trading day last/change
how many shares of a stock that were bought and sold during the trading day volume
refers to the stocks that had the most shares traded during the business day most active issues
the most common investment for Americans. mutual fund
for private businesses 401(K)
is for non-profits 403(B)
a general rule of thumb for doubling your money. rule of 72
1. stock market 2. real estate 3. band products 4. bonds/debt 5. collectibles 5 ways to invest your money
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Created by: nomnom4life