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Lab Equipuipment

NRuddock: Lab Equipment

Lab EquipmentUseDescription
Graduated Cylinder Used for measuring the volume of a liquid. A tall cylindrical container with accurate markings.
Meniscus Always read the volume of the liquid in the cylinder at the bottom of the curve. The bottom of the curve formed by the liquid in the graduated cylinder.
Erlenmeyer Flask Used to swirl liquids without spilling; such as acid-base titration. A cone-shaped container with a narrow nect and a broad, flat bottom.
Buret Used to transfer very percise amounts of liquids in experiments. Long thin cylinder calibrated to 0.1 mL.
Petri Dish Used to graw bacteria. A shallow dish with a loose-fitting cover containing nutrient agar.
Test Tube Used to hold small quantities of solid or liquid. Tall cylindrical tube without markings for measures.
Beaker Used to hold substances during experiments A deep, wide mouth container with a pouring lip.
Created by: nruddock