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Year 10 Chem HB

What is the maximum amount of electrons in the first shell 2
What is the maximum amount of atoms in the second shell 8
What are valence electrons valence electrons are the electrons in the outer shell. It is the same number as the group they are in.
Is the group number the number of electrons in the outer shell YES
Is the period or row number the same as the amount of shells YES
What are the energy levels The energy levels are the horizontal rows on the periodic table
What is the most reactive metallic atom Francium
What is a combination reaction Two reactants combine to form one product A + B --> AB
Decomposition When one reactant decomposes to form 2 or more products AB --> A+B
Single replacement One substance replaces another in a compound AB+C --> AC+B
Double displacement Two substances are displaced AB+CD --> AD+BC
Combustion When a substance reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide or water
What is the general form of an equation Reactant --> Products
Do you use subscripts to balance an equation NO
What is used to balance chemical equations Coefficients
Define Element Atoms os the same type
Define Molecule 2 or more atoms of the same type joined together of same type
Define compound A group of different atoms joined together
Whats is a formular It is the number of atoms of each type in a compound
What are the symbols for: Aluminium Al
Flourine F
mercury Hg
Sodium Na
Copper Cu
silver Ag
Name the following: Sn Tin
Na Sodium
Cl Chlorine
K Pottasium
Pb Lead
Fe Iron
What is a chemical reaction re arrangement of atoms to form new substances
What is a chemical equation The representation of reactants and products
What is an ionic substance between metal and non metal, form salts
Solute Substance dissolved in solvent
Solvent Substance that dissolves the solute
Solubility A certain amount of a particular substance that can dissolve in a given volume of water
Solution A mix of dissolved solute in solvent
What is the rate of reaction How fast or slow a reaction is
What are the factors effecting the rate of reaction 1. Concentration - Increases number of collisions 2. Temperature - Increases energy of particles, collide more often 3. Surface area - more area for collisions to occur 4. Catalyst - reduces amount of energy needed in collisions
Independent variable The variable that stays the same. Variable changed on purpose
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