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Chemistry Vocab #12

Chemistry words 276-300

A material composed of two or more substances each of which retains its own characteristic properties. Mixture
A material which slows down neutrons. Moderator
A solution containing one mole of solute per 1,000 grams of solvent. Molal Solution
The concentration of a solution expressed in moles of solute per 1,000 grams of solvent. Molality
The heat energy required to melt one mole of solid at its melting point. Molar Heat of Fusion
The volume in liters of one mole of a gas at STP - 22.4 Liters. Molar Volume
The concentration of a solution expressed in moles of solute per liter of solution. Molarity
The amount of substance containing the Avagadro number of any kind of chemical unit. Mole
The smallest chemical unit of a substance which is capable of stable independent existence. Molecule
A molecule with symmetrically spaced like polar bonds and having a uniform exterior electron distribution. Molecule, Nonpolar
A molecule containing one or more unsymmetrically arranged polar covalent bonds, and as a whole having regions of positive and negative charge. Molecule, Polar
Consisting of one atom. Monatomic
A crystalline system in which there are three unequal axes with one oblique intersection. Monoclinic
A simple molecule, or single unit of a polymer. Monomer
Referring to an acid capable of donating one proton per molecule. Monoprotic
A carbohydrate which cannot be simplified by dilute acid hydrolysis. Monosaccharide
A substance which, by combining with a dye, produces a fast color in a textile fiber. Mordant
A mixture of lime, sand and water, which sets to a hard mass. Mortar
The reaction between hydronium ions and hydroxide ions to form water. Neutralization
A neutral particle found in the nucleus of an atom. It has about the same mass as a proton. Neutron
An alloy of nickel, chromium, iron and manganese. Nichrome
A compound of nitrogen and a less electronegative element. Nitride
An alkyl derivative of hydrogen cyanide. Nitrile
The process of converting elementary nitrogen into nitrogen compounds. Nitrogen Fixation
A knob-like swelling on the roots of plants of the bean and pea family in which nitrogen-fixing bacteria grow. Nodule
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