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Kriz Chapter 1

Study Guide

In 1970, a key decision regarding MCI…. Permitted MCI to provide limited long distance service in the US.
In 1984 a federal judge broke up a highly contested telephone service monopoly and: Divided AT&T into two parts: one part for long distance service, and the second part comprised of seven regional operating companies for local telephone service.
In 1996 The U.S Congress replaced all current laws, FCC regulations and the consent decree for AT&T. It… Set up the Telecommunications competition and Deregulation ACT.
What is true in regards to the Telecommunications ACT of 1996? RBOCs may not provide long distance service outside the region in which they provide local telephone services.
Modern (1990s and beyond) data communication networks are characterized by? Distributed systems that rely heavily on networking.
In 1983 the internet was split into two parts, one for military and one for university uses: What were the two parts called? ARPANET and Milnet
A server does what? Stores documents and graphics that can be accessed from a web browser.
Networks that are designed to connect similar computer that share data and software with each other are called? Peer to Peer networks.
The function of a file server is…..? Store data and software programs that can be used by client computers on the network.
A local area Network is…..? A group of microcomputer or terminals located in the same general area and connected by a common cable to exchange information.
A backbone is what? A High speed central network that connects other networks in a distance spanning up to several miles.
A Metropolitan area network is: A network that spans a geographical area tha usually encompasses a city or a country area (3 to 30 miles)
A(n)_______ is a lan that uses the same technologies as th internet but is open to only those inside the organization. (#15) MAN
A(n)_______ is a LAN that uses the sam e technologies as the internet but is provided to invited users outside the organization who access it over the internet. (#16) Intranet
Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for ensuring that all packets sent are received by the destination station by dealing with end-to-end issues? (#17) Transport Layer
Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for ensuring flow control? Transport Layer
The_________Layer of the OSI model is responsible fro data format translation. Physical
_______ is an orderly close to a dialogue between end users... Session Termination.
In the Internet model, the application layer corresponds to the_______, Layer(s) of the OSI model. Session, Presentation, and Application
The ________ layer performs error checking which is redundant with the function of the _____ layer? Transport and data link layers.
The ______ layer is responsible for routing of messages from the sender to the final destination. The network layer
What is a term used to group together the physical and data link layer? Hardware Layers
Which of the following would be a standard used at the data link layer of the Internet or OSI model? Ethernet
Which layer of the Internet model would the HTTP standard by used? #30 Application layer
A(n)______ is a set of rules that determines what a layer would do and provided a clearly defined set of messages that software at the layer needs to understand. Protocol
The network layer of the Internet model uses the _________ protocol to route messages though the network? IP
The primary reason for networking standards is to:? Ensure that hardware and software produced by different vendors can work together.
What are the three stages of the formal standardization process? Specification, identification of choices and acceptance.
The American National Standards Institute: Is the coordinating organization of the United States' National system of standards.
The internet standards organization that will allow anyone to join is...? IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
Which standards body is responsible for the development of the Local Area Network (LAN) standards? IEEE
A pervasive network means that:?? Virtually all computers will be networked in some way to other computers ad be able to transmit data at staggering fast rates.
The term _______ refers to high speed communication circuits such as DSL. Broadband Communication
The integrated voice, Video, and Data communications is also known as_________? Convergence
A(n)______ Develops a specific system and companies purchase the service without ever installing the system on their own computers? Application service provider.
A(n)_________ is a company that provides a wide range of standardized information services, in the same manner that electric companies provide electricity. Information utility
________ ensure that hardware produced by different vendors work together. Standards.
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