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VA 5th GRADE ELECTRICITY MR. G. 887039 mles

A material that transfers heat or electricity well is a ... conductor
A path that electricity can move through is a ..... circuit (circuito)
A material that does not transfer heat or electricity very well is a .... insulator (aislador)
The region of magnetic force surrounding a magnet is called the... magnetic field
The buildup of electrical charge on a material is... static electricity
The movement of an electrical charge from one object to another is a ... discharge
The pull of a magnet is strongest at its .... poles
The person who discovered that lightning is a form of electricity found in nature was.... Benjamin Franklin
The inventor of the first electric light bulb was... (at least he got the credit!) Thomas Edison
Poles are found at the _____ of a magnet. ends (extremo)
An example of a good insulator is... rubber, plastic
Rubbing a balloon with a cloth gives it a negative charge. It sticks to the wall because the wall provides a... positive charge
The person who discovered that by moving a magnet near a wire electricity could be made; also invented the first transformer Michael Faraday
How the poles of a magnet affect each other like poles repel/unlike poles attract
The name for the device that turns on or off the current in a circuit Switch (Interruptor)
Small pieces of metal (like sand) used to show a magnetic field Metal or iron filings
Materials that are generally good conductors Metal
Changing energy from one form to another - example, a battery changes chemical energy into electrical energy - example a car changes chemical energy in gasoline to movement of a car - some energy is wasted in the process Transformation of energy
A magnet which attracts metals only when electrically activated - made by wrapping wire around a metal nail Electro magnet
Shows the location and strength of a magnetic field Magnetic lines of force
An electrical circuit that has two or more components that are connected in parallel - One bulb can burn out and the others still light Parallel circuit
Any electric circuit having all elements joined in a sequence such that the same current flows through them all - If one bulb (element) burns out, they all stop working Series circuit
A circuit that does not allow electricity to flow- open switch- lights off Open circuit
A complete electric circuit around which current can flow - the lights are on Closed circuit
Energy of a chemical reaction - examples, gasoline burned in a car engine / fire Chemical energy
Pulling together Magnetic attraction
A battery stores what kind of energy? A ball at the top of a hill was what type of energy? A bicycle gears represent what type of energy? 1. chemical 2. potential 3. mechanical
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Created by: Mr Giss
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