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Chemistry Test

Science: Tuesday, March 5th, 2012

element pure substance that cannot be broken down into another state. ex: hydrogen, oxygen
compound a substance made of two or more elements chemically combined.
atom building bolck of matter, smallest part of an element
chemical symbol 1 or 2 letters that represent the name of an element
chemical property characteristics of matter that describes how it reacts with other matter
physical property characteristics of matter that can be measured or detected by the senses
chemical formula group of elements that show the elements on a compound.(H2O)
protons particles that have a positive charge(pt)
neutrons particles that have no charge (n*)
electrons particles that have a negitive charge (e-)
atomic number number that tells the nnumber of protons in the element
atomic mass total number of protons and neutrons
group (18) vertical colums on the peridoic table
periods (7) horizontal rows on the peridoic table
metallic properties act like metals, usually shiney, good conductors of heat and electricity
metalloids the elements along the ziz-zag line that have metallic and non-metallic properties.
Phosphorus P
Iron Fe
To find protons, look at the Xxxxxx xxxxxx atomic number
to find electrons, loot at the Xxxxxx xxxxxx alomic number
to find neutrtons, look at the Xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx atimic mass and subtract the atomic number
From left to right, name the classified columns on the periodic table. Alkali metals, alkali earth metals, transition metals, metalliods, halogens, noble gasses,
element for alkali matals lithium
element for alkali earth metals beryllium
element for transition metals iron, zinc, titanium, nickel, copper, cobalt, chromium.....
element for metalliods boron
element for halogens flourine
element for noble gasses helium
Created by: bridge13