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GRE Roots-Preffixes

a, an without, not
ab, abs apart, away from, off, down
ac, acr harsh, bitter, sour, sharp
act, ag to do, to drive, to force, to lead
ad, al toward, near
aev, ev age, era
agog leader
agr field
al, ali, allo, alter other, another
alim support, nourish, cherish
alt high, deep
am love, liking
amb, ambul to go, to walk
ambi, amph,amphi around, on, both sides, more than one
anim life, breath, spirit, mind, soul
annu, anni, enni year
ante before
anti against, opposite
anthro, andr man, human
antiqu old, ancient
appell name, call upon
apt,ept skill, ability
aqu, aqua water
arch, archi, archy first, chief, leader, ancient
arm, arma weapons
astr, aster star
aud, aus hear, listen
aug, aux increase
auto self
be to be, to have a particular quality, to exist
bel, bell war
ben, bon well, good, favorable
bi, dupl two
bio life
brev short
cap, capit, cipit head, headlong
cap, cept, cip to hold, to seize, to take, to get
card,cord, cour heart
carn flesh, body
cata down, downward
ced, ceed, cess to go, to yield, to stop
celer swift
centr center
cern, cert, cret, crim, crit separate, judge, distinguish, decide, perceive
chron time, a long time
cide, cis cut, kill
circu, circum around
cit to call, start
civ citizen
clam, claim call out, shout
cla, clo, clu shut, close
clemen mild, kind, merciful
cli, clin, cliv lean, slope
co, col, com, con together, with
bibl, cod book
cogni, gn, gno learn, know
contra, contro against, opposite
corp body
cosm universe
cour, cur run, course
cracy, crat government, rule
cre, cresc, cret, cru rise, grow
crea bring forth, create
cred believe, trust
crit seperate, judge
cura care
cycl, cyclo circle, wheel, cycle
de, dif, dis away, off, completely, reversal, negative
dec, deca ten
dei, div god
dem people
derm skin
dic, dict, dit say, speak, pronounce
dac, doc, doct teach, prove
dog, dox opinion, belief, praise
dom, domin master, lord
don, dot, dow give
dorm sleep
drom, drome run, step, arena
duc, duct lead, pull
dur hard, lasting
dyn, dynam power, energy
dys bad, faulty, abnormal
e, ef, ex out, from, former, completely, apart
ecto outside, external
ego self
endo within, inside
epi upon, over, near
equ equal
erg work
err wander, mistake
eth, ethos character
eu good, well
extra, extro beyond, outside, more
fac, fic, fig, fait, feit, fy do, make
fall, fals deceptive, false, erroneous
fed league, pact
fer bear, carry, bring
fid faith, trust
fin end
flex, flect bend
flu, fluct, flux flow
forc, fort brave, strong, chance
fra, frac, frag, fring break
frat brother
func perform, discharge
gam marriage
gen birth, class, race, kind, generate
geo earth
gloss, glot language, tongue
grad, gress step
graph, gram write, draw, record
grat pleasing
grav serious, heavy, hamful
greg flock, herd
gyn woman
helio sun
hemo blood
herb vegetation
her, hers, here to stick
homo same, alike
hydr, hydra, hydro water
hyper above, excessive, over
hypo beneath, lower, under
ig, il, im, in, ir not, without
im, in, em, en in, on, upon, not
inter among, between, within, mutual
jac, jact, ject throw, fling
jur, jus, jud swear, law, judge, just
lect, leg, lig choose, select, law
lev lift, light, rise
lex word
liber, liver free
liter letter
loc, log, logo, ology word, speech, to study/ stufy of
luc, lum, lus light
lud, lus play, game
mag, maj, max, macro big, great
mal, male bad, ill, evil, wrong
man hand
mand order, command
mania obsession, madness
mar, mari, mer sea, pool
mater, matr mother
meta change, at a later time, beyond
meter, metr measure
min, micro small
mis, mit move, send
mob, mot, mov move
mon, monit warn, remind
mono one, single
mort death, mortal
morph form, shape
multi many
mut change
nas, nat, nai birth, be from, spring forth
nav ship, sail
nic, noc, nox harm
necro dead corpse
neg no
neo, nov new, recent
neur nerve
noct, nox night
nom, nym, noun, nown name, announce
non not
num number
ob, oc, of, op toward, against, over
olig few, little
omni all, every
oper work
opti, optic, opto eye, vision, see, observe
ortho straight, correct
os, oss, ost, osteo bone
pac, peac peace
pal, paleo ancient, old
pan all, every
par equal
para next to, beside
pas, path feeling, disease, suffering
pater, patr father
ped child
ped, pod foot
pel, puls drive, urge
per through, completely
peri around, near
pet, pit to go, to seek, to strive
phil love, fondness, preference
phobos fear
phon sound, voice
photo light
phys, physio nature
plac please
poli city, state, citizen
poly many
pon, pos put, place
pop the people
port carry, gate
post after, behind
pre before, earlier
prehend, prise to take, to get, to seize
prim before, first
pro much, for, a lot
proto first, earliest
pseudo false
psych mind
pub the public
punc, pung, poign point, prick
put, putat think, calculate
que, quis ask, seek
re back again, repeat
reg, rect straight
rect, reg, regn rule, govern
retro backward
rid, ris laugh
rog ask
sacr, sanct, secr sacred, holy
sci know
scop examine, observe, watch
scrib, scrip write
se away, apart
sec, sequ follow
semi half, partly
sens, sent feel, be aware
sol, solv, solu free, loosen, dissolve
somn sleep
soph wise, skillful
spec, spic, spit see, look at
spir breath, energy, animation
sta, sti, sist stand, being in a place, position
strict, string tight, drawn together
struc, struct build
sub, sup below, under, less
super, sur over, above
syl, sym, syn, sys together, with
tact, tang, tag, tig, ting touch
tele distance, far
tempo time
ten, tain, tin hold
tend, tens, tent, tenu stretch, strive
term end, limit
terr land, the earth
terti third
the, thei, theo god
therap attend, treat
therm warm, hot
tom cut, section
top, topo place, region
tors, tort, torqu twist, turn
tract drag, pull
trans across, throught
trem, tremu tremble, shake
turb spin, confuse, disturb
typ, type print
ult, ultra last, beyond, excessive, on the other side of
un not, reverse, undo, remove
uni one
urb city
us, ut use, useful
vac empty
veh, vect carry
ven, vent come, move toward
ver true
verb word
vers, vert turn, change
via way, road
vict, vinc conquer
vid, vis see, look
vir man
vi, viv, viva life, alive, lively, animated
voc, vok call
vol wish, choice
volv, volu roll, turn
vor eat, eat greedily
xen, xeno stranger, foreigner
zo animal
cad, cid to fall, to happen by chance
di, dia across, through, apart
apo away
cant, cent, chant to sing
cast, chast cut
cryp hidden
cub, cumb to lie down
culp blame
dign worth
dol suffer, pain
dub doubt
esce becoming
fab, fam speak
ferv to boil, to bubble
flag, flam to burn
fore before
fus to pour
misc mixed
pau, po, pov, pu few, little, poor
pen, pun to pay, to compensate
ple to fill
plex, plic, ply to fold, twist, tangle
prob to prove, to test
pug to fight
sal, sil, sault, sult to leap, to jump
sua smooth
tac, tic to be silent
verd green
vil base, mean
min to project, to hang over
nom law order, rule
qui quiet
caus, caut burn, heat
cause, cuse, cus cause, motive
chrom color
dent, dont tooth
fila, fili thread
form form, shape
gastr stomach
germ vital part
gest carry, bear
glu, glo lump, bond, glue
hypn sleep
hetero different
hum earth, ground, man
ignis fire
join, junct join, meet
juven young
lau, lav, lot, lut, luv wash
loc, loco place
loqu, locut talk, speak
medi half, middle, between
mem remember
migra wander
pend, pens, pond hang, weigh, pay
phlegm inflammation
plu, plur, plus more
pneum breath
portion part, share
pot power
rupt break
salv, salu safe, healthy
sat, satis enough
sed, sess, sid sit, be still, plan, plot
sen old, to grow old
serv save, serve
sign sign, mark seal
simil, simul like, resembling
solus alone
sphere ball, round
sume, sump take, use, waste
thesis, thet place, put
tox poison
trib pay, bestow
umbr, umber shadow
vale, vali, valu strength, worth
agere act
caco bad
tut stand
corp, corps, corpus body
di two, double
ideo idea
idio, idios one's own
sin, syn together, with
Created by: Puggleluver
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