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common gre5


magnanimity generosity
malingerer one who feigns illness to excape duty
malleable pliant
masticate to chew or reduce to a pulp
maverick rebel; nonconformist
mediocrity the state or quality of being mediocure
mendacious untrue
metamorphosis change of form
meticulous overcautious
misanthrope one who hates mankind
mitigate to lessen in intensity; to appease
modicum a small amount
mollify to soothe
mordant biting
moribund near death or extinction
morose ill humored, sullen
mundane ordinary, dull
myopic shotsighted or narrow minded
narcissism excessive fascination with oneself
nefarious extremely wicked
negate to cancle out; to nullify
neophyte beginner
nepotism favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship
obdurate stubborn
obfuscate to darken
obsequious servile; ready to serve
obviate to make unnecessary
odious hateful
officious meddlesome
onus burden
opprobrium infamy; vilification
oscillate to waver
ostentation a display of vanity; showiness
Created by: eonaodow
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