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PHY1020-Chapter 4

PHY1020 Test 1

Energy in the Sun is produced primarily by ______. Fusion.
The mass of the nucleus is closest to ______. 99% of that in the entire atom.
Radioactivity in the Earth leads to: Helium for toy balloons.
LD50 refers to a: Lethal Dose
A major reason that your body is radioactive is that: You eat radioactive carbon in your food.
The primary cause of death from the Hiroshima bomb was: The blast from the bomb.
Fission fragments are: Among the most dangerous kind of radiation.
If the half-life of an element is big, that means that: It decays slower than one with a smaller half-life.
After 3 half-lives, the fraction of nuclei remaining is: 1/8
Most of the elements found on the Earth were created: within a star
The fraction of the US population that dies from cancer is usually: 1 out of 5
Watch dials containing radium glow because: The radiation hits a phosphor.
One rem of radiation dose takes how many gammas per square centimeter? About 2 billion.
Which requires the larger dose: radiation poisoning or cancer? Cancer
The linear is hypothesis is: Widely used even though it is not proven.
1 Sievert= ___ rem 100
Cancer is lower in Denver because: No one knows why.
The number of deaths from the Chernobyl accident is about 24,000
Radioactivity it used in: Smoke detectors
Neutron activation is used to: Search for rare atoms
Dirty bombs may be less of a threat than people fear, because Once spread out, the rem drops below the radiation illness threshold.
Radioactivity in the Earth is responsible for: Helium we use in toy balloons
Volcanic heat comes from: Radioactive explosions
The best way to measure the age of an ancient bone is by using: Radiocarbon dating
An RTG (radioisotope thermoelectric generator) is: Carried in satellites for power
Uranium is found on the Earth, even though it is radioactive. That's because: It has a very long half-life.
Carbon-14, compared to Carbon-12: Has more neutrons.
Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated with: Polonium
The radiation from cell phones does/does not cause cancer. Does not. :)
The threshold for radiation illness is about ______ rem. 100
The natural radioactivity (Rate of nuclear decays) in a typical human body is closest to: 4000 per second
The source of energy in the Sun is: Fusion of hydrogen
Which of the following is most toxic per gram: Arsenic, Botox, or Plutonium? Botox
The radioactivity from your own body: Does cause cancer, but at a very low rate.
Drinking alcohol is required to be radioactive because: it proves that it is not made of petroleum.
Created by: SilhouetteXD
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