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regular ar, er, ir verbs in the preterite, ir, ver

I talked hablé
He bought compró
They looked at miraron
We paid pagamos
She paid pagó
You talked hablaste
We walked caminamos
We bought compramos
They looked at miraron
You looked for buscaste
She danced bailó
I walked caminé
You all bought compraron
We thought pensamos
He thought pensó
They arrived llegaron
I sang canté
He lived vivió
You all lived vivieron
We ate comimos
They ate comieron
I ate comí
You opened abriste
She opened abrió
I wrote escribí
They wrote escribieron
We wrote escribimos
You drank bebiste
You all drank bebieron
anoche last night
ayer yesterday
la semana pasada last week
el año pasado last year
el mes pasado last month
I saw vi
We saw vimos
You saw viste
I went fui
You went fuiste
She went fue
We went fuimos
They went fueron
Created by: emcguan